reviews Apple’s new iMac: A winner for both home and professional users

Apple new iMacs’ “performance has improved, but it’s the new exterior that’s the main talking point. Apple has plumped for a sleek aluminium front and sides, glass for the display cover and black plastic for the reverse cover,” reports.

“After mingling with the crowds, the new iMac seems to have struck a good balance with both [home and professional users,]” reports.

“The one occasional complaint was the reflectiveness of the new glossy screen. Because it’s made of glass, it can act like a mirror when the display is dark or a uniform colour. Unlike the MacBook Pro, which you can buy with either a matte or glossy option, all iMacs only come with glossy displays, which has irked some,” reports. “Our view is that the displays do take some getting used to and a matte option would have been nice. Fortunately the screen is very bright indeed, which goes a long way to combating the reflection.”

“The graphics card is faster than before and has 256MB of dedicated memory on this model iMac (cheaper 128MB option available), which makes the iMac better at handling games and movies,” reports. “Gamers take note; this card brings DirectX 10 support to the iMac, bringing cutting-edge, emerging technology to those who want to play Windows-only games on a Mac. Games, movies and graphics tools such as iMovie and Photoshop all fly along on the new iMac.”

Full review, with benchmarks, here.


  1. Believe me, the games that are coming out for DirectX 10 are not going to play too great on a 2600 Pro. This is a low budget card . Read some of the reviews on sites such as Tom’s Hardware Guide, Anandtech or Tech Report. The new games will want to take advantage of the power of cards like the nVidia 8800 series. They will be playable at low resolutions with everything cranked down, but it won’t be long before they won’t be able to handle new games at all, unless you don’t mind 5 fps. I would still like to know why Apple went with ATI when they have the nVidia 8600 in the MacBook Pro. It must be their usual marketing strategy of dumbing down one product to make another one look even better. And the selection for the Mac Pro is truly mediocre when you consider the price of one of these rigs. Oh well, at least the Macs are well equipped in most other aspects of hardware.

  2. My 24 incher arrived three days ago. It is the first Mac I have experienced that takes about 5 seconds to wake up from sleep, a long time in my experience, and it show me a blank blue screen while it does. Odd, considering in every other way it is clearly the fastest Mac I have owned by far.

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