Report: Apple to nearly double iPhone production in fourth quarter 2007

Apple Inc. will nearly double its iPhone production in the fourth quarter,’s Scott Moritz is reporting, citing people familiar with the company.

According to Moritz, Apple plans to produce 2.7 million iPhones next quarter, up from the original target of 1.54 million units. Apple now plans 4.8 million iPhones to be produced in 2007, up from the previously targeted 3.6 million units.

The video report can be seen here.


  1. I love reports like this. The author never bothered to check his math before blathering away.

    Let’s assume that Apple does sell 4.8 million iPhones this calendar year (my estimate is 4,190,000), with 2.7 million units during Q1/08, as reported. Simple math says Apple will have to sell 1,830,000 units during the current quarter to meet the “reported Apple plans”.
    Problem is that nobody is tracking sales that exceed 1.1 million units sold this quarter, and, double 1.8 million is not 2.7 million units. Far from it. 1.8 million units is 40%
    higher than just about everybody’s estyimate and means, considering the period of time at the beginning of the this quarter when iPhone supplies were seriouslyconstrained, that Apple has already doubled production. Maybe they have, but the author’s numbers don’t add up.

  2. Why are you posting a link to Scott Moreshitz? He’s the numbnut who says Apple missed their 1 million iPhones sold target on their first weekend of sale, citing unknown sources for this goal. In other words, he made it up, as part of his normal schtick of FUD.

  3. This is nothing compared to what will happen when Zune 2 comes out. The new cool word “Squircle” will be so popular that it will surpass the “clickwheel” terminology as a de-facto navigational feature on personal digital players. WOW! Truly the WOW of Microsoft has only warmed up. I have already been practicing the art of repeating the word “Squircle” and maybe if I’m lucky enough, I will have a tattoo of Microsofts greatest marketing monickers. “WOW” “Zune” “Squircle”. I just get all giddy just looking and repeating these words.

  4. good luck selling a mobile in Germany that doesn’t support UMTS/3G. Apple will become a laughing stock…esp. at that price point. Just look at RIM’s flagshipmodel, the 8800 – only supporting EDGE. You’ve got one guess on how this model sells in western Europe.

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