PC Mag: Apple’s MacBook offers the best software bundle in the industry

“Whether you’re shopping for college or to replace an old computer, there’s never been a better time to buy a laptop. They’re more compact, powerful, and inexpensive than ever. Even for a modest price, you can get a machine that’ll serve you well for years to come. But what can you get for $1,200? The answer may surprise you,” Tony Hoffman reports for PC Magazine.

“If you’ve ever thought of switching to a Mac, a 13-inch MacBook may be the ticket. The Apple MacBook 13-inch (Core 2 Duo T7200) is more powerful, has more RAM and a larger hard drive than the previous version, yet it maintains its same reasonable price. In the iLife ’08 suite, it has the best software bundle in the industry,” Hoffman reports.

Full article here.


  1. Nonsense. Do you MAC lemmings really want to know what the best software bundle in the industry is? Try Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Office. Get ’em preinstalled on a Dell and it’s all you need.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

    Oh, and X, be careful what you ask for. Without Microsoft Apple will run out of ideas.

  2. It seems like including iWork would sell a lot of computers, I’ve always wondered why Apple doesn’t do that. I wonder how much they make selling iWork?

    That said I’ll probably buy it when I get Leopard, maybe they’ll offer a package discount.


  3. I’m glad PC mag gave such a good review BUT, they continue to benchmark using Photoshop CS2, we all know CS2 runs under Rosetta, I guess the missed that little fact, so the Mac always benches slightly slower on the PS tests, other tan that it rocks, But it satil irritates…..

  4. It is uncharacteristically dumb of Apple not to include a functional word processing app with their consumer machines. iWork would fill the bill very nicely. And anyone who cares what Microsoft thinks should definitely seek professional help.

  5. About having iWork bundle on the new Macs, free of charge: This would be anti-competitive, and would also discourage MS from providing Office for Mac, which is profitable for them.
    Apple should be very careful about what it provides in the way of free software,so this would be a very bad idea. Apple needs to be able to advertise that Office is available for the Mac, and MS needs the extra revenue since it makes money on the Macs if and only if Office is sold for a fair proportion thereof

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