Microsoft previews Office for Mac 2008 with Web site that doesn’t work

“Microsoft has launched a Web site to show off some features in its Office productivity suite for the Apple Mac, but at this stage it seems the company can’t even get the promotional Web site working correctly,” Stephen Turner reports for ZDNet Australia.

“For a start, the entire site is created in Flash. This may work for glossy movie and entertainment Web sites, but for something that is supposed to be serious and about business, it’s a curious choice,” Turner reports.

“You also have to wonder whether creating a site based on Flash was a good idea for Microsoft, given their competitive push against Adobe with the new Silverlight package. We all know how dominant Flash is in the field, but is using your competitor’s technology in this way such a good idea?” Turner asks. “All this would be fine of course, if the site worked correctly.”

Full article here.

Microsoft’s “Office for Mac 2008” mess is here.

MacDailyNews Take: At least MS is consistent; nothing works right.

An imagined back-room conversation overheard from deep within the bowels of Microsoft:

MS marketing flunky: “Let’s show Mac users how much Flash sucks, so we can get them to switch to Silverblight!”
MS spaghetti coder: “Great idea, but how will we stop them from thinking we’re just too stupid to properly use Flash?”
MS flunky: “Don’t worry about that, we’ll deal with that later.”

MS spaghetti coder: “You mean like ‘just get it out now and patch it later?'”
MS marketing flunky: “Exactly!”

MS marketing flunky: “It’s not like we give a shit about Mac users anyway.”
MS spaghetti coder: “Yeah, they still think we’re actually gonna ship another Office for Mac!”

(raucous laughter from both)


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