KTF in talks with Apple to carry WCDMA 3G iPhone in South Korea in early 2008

“KTF is negotiating with Apple to sell the highly popular iPhone in South Korea, its chief executive Cho Young-chu said Thursday,” Cho Jin-seo reports for The Korea Times.

“‘We have been trying to bring the iPhone here, but we have to wait,’ Cho told The Korea Times after attending the iMobicon 2007 conference held at the COEX in Seoul. He said that the firm is waiting on Apple’s decision. ‘The deal is up to the supplier, not us. Because the (Korean) market is so small, they will not release it until they have confidence in its marketability here,” Cho reports.

“Apple Korea’s spokesperson Park Jung-hoon refused to confirm the talks, saying it is against company policy to comment on ongoing events. He only said Apple is considering selling the iPhone in Asian nations from early next year,” Cho reports.

“A KTF official said that the iPhone to be sold in Korea will be built on the new WCDMA platform. The iPhone was originally built for the GSM network which is dominant in the United States and Europe. Adopting it to the CDMA or WCDMA platforms has been considered easily achievable,” Cho reports. “WCDMA, often dubbed as a third-generation (3G) technology, is capable of communicating with both GSM and CDMA phones.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Patrice” for the heads up.]


  1. Um….part of that article is wrong……WCDMA/UMTS phones will NOT work with regular CDMA networks, but most of those phones have backwards chips that are backwards compatible with GSM networks because both are mapped the same way.

  2. @ Scarbro & John Smith

    Just get an iPhone unlocked and you will be able to use it here without waiting for Rogers to get their act together. I am presently using one on Fido’s network (yes, I know Fido is owned by Rogers).

    Like Korea, we are a relatively small market and Apple is not in a hurry to bring it here if Rogers will not play ball.

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