Tech stocks, Apple shares surge following Fed rate cuts

“Technology stocks rallied Tuesday afternoon after the U.S. Federal Reserve cut the nation’s federal funds and discount rates by a half-point each,” Matt Andrejczak reports for MarketWatch.

“The Federal Open Market Committee’s decision lowered the benchmark funds rate to 4.75% — the first time that rate has been cut since June 2003 — and slashed the discount rate to 5.25%. The FOMC said the moves were necessary to stave off negative effects on the broad economy due to disruptions in financial markets,” Andrejczak reports.

“Following the Fed’s moves, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index ose 41 points to 2,623,” Andrejczak reports. “Apple Inc. (AAPL: $140.98, +2.55, +1.8%) shares were also on the rise… Apple said Tuesday it would begin selling the iPhone in Britain from November, putting an end to weeks of speculation as it picked Telefonica’s O2 network as the exclusive carrier for the device’s first launch outside the U.S.”

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  1. Macromancer and CrissyOne, just rent a bondage dungeon and get on with the show. I do want to hear screams, lots of screams. When the stock read adjusts of course. Take your profits yet? Pay for the dungeon rental?

    Now that is over, the lower rate realy isn\’t going to do much. It\’s more of a symbolic gesture of the government acting to invoke stability. Loans are hard to get because everything is higher and wages haven\’t come up to pay for the higher costs, even with cheaper money.

  2. The good news is my original mac ..well my SE30 go system 6 on floppy

    still works …

    anyway the rapid growth numbers are still 6 months way by then the ARG effect is going to teach wall street a lesson on Cupertino Wizards and Steves final revenge ahahahahahahaha!

    by then we should see the first wave of the original switchers up grading with the last of the PPC people moving to intel + 10.5, many PPC and Intel upgrade will make $$$$ 10.5

    iphone number will be on track but will take the 2008 model to really grab asian market and US Johnny Come Late to the big party

    I am holding AAPL till 2010

    will try to join the pump and dump crowd in 2008 as this stock will kill a tight stop faster then Jobs can ( insert really funny comment here )

    LONG AAPL wins the race but so many are really riding these swings with grace I want to try

    oh well it was this board that made me buy AAPL and it was the best thing I ever did

    I hope some of you out there do the same it can be a big help

    best to all

    go AAPL

  3. I think Apple earnings our going to grow very very very fast

    and if you don’t buy some Apple Stock you are going to miss making money as Apple stock holders already know, as many of them hold positions up 1000% and more

    Is it really so hard to see that companies and products need an OS the works?

    And you can’t just go out and write one yourself.

    Apple is going to be the most important company on how humans will learn, play and exchange ideas. Period.

    At the same time Apple stock is so easy to game you can make even more holding a core position but trading the waves, that at time can be huge. 111- 142 was the last one. I am going to try that next year.

    Holding a core but swing in and out with a small amount seems like a better way to play this stock.

    Wtf are you talking about? is how I feel most of time around here, so I thought I would jump in while people flirt like teen agers and whine like babies,And PC jerk FUD away, I will post my random thoughts as well.

    I still would like to thank the people who posted last year what a great buy AAPL was and got me in the game, I can’t remember their names but they got me in this stock

    my spelling is not good but my idea is

    AAPL IS GOING MUCH HIGHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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