Bombich Software releases Carbon Copy Cloner 3

Bombich Software today unveiled a new version of Carbon Copy Cloner, a Mac OS X utility designed to make Mac to Mac cloning and backup extremely simple. The new version features a new interface designed to make the cloning and backup procedure more intuitive and more responsive. Users have better control over what gets backed up, and are provided with detailed information about the progress of their backup. The new version also provides support for block-level clones, a cloning method that is unsurpassed in providing data fidelity.

The synchronization feature received the most attention in the update. Previous versions required the download of additional third-party software. Version 3.0 includes an optimized version of rsync, an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer. By leveraging rsync for incremental backups and synchronization, users get the highly anticipated feature of network backups.

The scheduling functionality of Carbon Copy Cloner also received a makeover. Backup tasks can now be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can indicate that a backup task should run when the backup device is attached. This is especially useful if you use your iPod for backup. Carbon Copy Cloner will actually recognize iPods as well, allowing time for the iPod:iTunes synchronization to complete.

Carbon Copy Cloner is now available as a Universal Binary. As with previous versions, Carbon Copy Cloner is labeled uncrippled shareware — try the full-featured product until you trust it, then consider a donation to the Bombich Software Tip Jar.

More info and download link here.


  1. I’m not at all certain I’m going to be a big fan of TM – having spent my life as an IT guy and learned the value of “backups” long ago, this “backup-for-dummies” software seems like it will be merely intrusive to me. But … I’ve been wrong before. —DLMeyer

    As a long-time Mac consultant, I know one thing for sure: Almost nobody backs up their data. Businesses may do regular backups, but individuals do not—even if they are running small businesses with the help of their Macs. This being the case, anything that makes the backup process easy and automatic for these users is potentially of the greatest value. As things stand, the only individual users who back up regularly are the ones who have already lost valuable data.

    Time Machine is not aimed at IT professionals or anyone else who already knows how important it is to back up their files. It is aimed at the army of lazy, uncomprehending home users who never back up anything but nevertheless become extremely distraught when they lose their precious data—which can happen to anyone at any time for a wide variety of reasons.

  2. Yes, I do believe Mike is an Apple employee. Saw him at an old “Apple Roadshow” conference for Xserve and OS X Server. His software is essential if you’re a Mac IT support person. His CCC coupled with NetRestore is a godsend. I couldn’t do the work I do without it.

  3. @BustingTheSkullsOfIdiots

    I’m rather new to the computer world ( no I’m not a kid ) and very recently learned about back ups. Checked out CCC, Backup and SD.I chose CCC for a complete backup with continuing incremental for my desktop, the primary workhorse and .Mac Backup for occasional iLife backups for my MB Pro, the toy. SD actually did look kinda goofy to me, CCC is clean and simple.

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