Adobe says software not yet fully tested on new Mac OS X Leopard

“Adobe Systems Inc’s Photoshop, Illustrator and other Creative Suite 3 programs have not been fully tested with the latest version of Apple Inc’s operating system due out next month, which could lead to incompatibility issues,” Jim Finkle reports for Reuters.

Finkle reports, “A substantial proportion of Adobe users are also Apple Mac users, with many waiting for the new Mac OS X operating system, code-named ‘Leopard.’

‘CS3 hasn’t fully been tested under Leopard,’ Adobe Chief Executive Bruce Chizen told Reuters in an interview. ‘If it doesn’t work, we will make the necessary adjustments,'” Finkle reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A bit of manufactured ado about nothing. Nobody’s software is “fully tested” for Mac OS X Leopard. It’s not final, yet.


  1. “……Just get Vista……..”

    What for … ??

    Adobe HAS been tested with Vista …
    and .. SURPRISE !

    It doesnt work ! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    (right — Zune Tang ? )

  2. “Abodes” software always seems to
    be missing something a long time after
    the release of a Mac OS X upgrade too,
    in respect to Acrobat (less than) Professional.
    1. Always seem to be battling bad interface design
    in Acrobat Pro.
    2. Acrobat Pro nearly always brings up “unexpectedly quit”
    dialogue even when one deliberately quits it.
    3. Acrobat Pro seems to call home—naughty.
    Start it up when connected to the internet and then
    press the on/off-button to ‘off’ on the broadband modem.
    What do you get every 30 seconds or so? A spinning beach ball
    that spins while Acrobat apparently puts everything on hold
    as it tries vainly tries to call home for what seems an eternity.
    Press the on/off button to ‘on’ again and the spinning beach ball
    syndrome disappears. Hmmm.
    Start up the computer without the modem being powered up
    is the only way to make this problem go away.
    4. Expensive upgrades every year or so,
    hopefully get rid of one set of problems,
    only to be replaced by another set of problems.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”mad” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Those low life Adobe freaks. Leopard has been around for long time now. WHY haven´t they tested it all the time? What hell is so difficult with it? Do we have to wait Leopard compatibility like one year again? Leopard is nearly final so they better start with the work now.

    Apple once owned 10% of the Adobe. I think that now it is time to own it 100% or do Apple´s own Photoshops and other programs. Adobe have to go.

  4. This is typical of Apple OS. Because of Vista robust architecture, most vendors do not even need to have early testing required for their apps. Most applications will run and work perfectly long before the OS ships.

    You can run Adobe Suite in XP or on the most modern OS system yet, Vista, and with confidence, just like the inspirational image MDN post of Bill Gates and Ballmer whenever they try to show MS in a bad light. MDN is doing me a favor. Whenever I see that image, I only get inspired to educate Apple users on the supremacy of a Windows Vista system. It just gives me goose pimples.

    I have decided to use MS Paint and redo the image posted by MDN of Bill Gates and Ballmer to be a life size print. You can see from their eyes the vast knowledge they have in software design. That’s why no lengthy pre-testing is ever required for Vista. Software just runs as it should be. They only delayed Vista because Apple kept stealing their ideas, so more had to be added and thus the delays.

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