The Associated Press: Motorola’s Razr2 and Q can’t compete with Apple’s iPhone

“Motorola rode high for a while on sales of its slim, stylish Razr phone. When its competitive edge started to dull, the company set its hopes on the Q, a BlackBerry-like e-mail phone, which it initially thought would sell as well as the Razr,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“Now, with Motorola’s position as the world’s No. 2 cell-phone maker in jeopardy, it has brought out a thoroughly reworked Razr, and jazzed up its Q with more music-oriented features,” Svensson reports. “Unfortunately for Motorola, neither of the new phones feels like a winner that’s going to bolster the company’s stock price, which is down 35 per cent from its high of $26.30 set last year.”

“I tested samples of the MotoRazr2 and Moto Q music 9m for a few weeks,” Svensson reports. “With the Razr2… the touch-sensitive buttons are vexing to use, and poorly programmed… the rest of the interface is clunky, but works.”

“The Q9m is only available on Verizon, and costs $200, though there’s an additional $50 mail-in rebate available. It has a very tough act to follow: Apple Inc.’s iPhone launched two months ago and, as far as I’m concerned, slapped the smart-phone category silly with its large screen and fantastic interface,” Svensson reports.

“The Q9m lacks a touch screen and instead relies on a side-mounted BlackBerry-style scrollwheel. Combined with the sluggish Windows Mobile software, this makes the phone just too slow, clunky, and confusing. Important features are hidden and screen space is wasted… After the iPhone, everyone really needs to work a lot harder to impress with a smart phone,” Svensson reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ian” for the heads up.]

Expect to see a lot more of this sort of thing over the next few years from honest reviewers, as the mobile handset makers have done little to nothing in the way of innovation for years. Apple has thoroughly embarrassed an entire industry with their iPhone. And now, in honest reviews, the Motorolas of the world will pay the price for their years of complacency and laziness.


  1. Ugh – a side-mounted scroll wheel like those on the Sh**Berries? I HATED that thing as it made me want to throw my old 7100g against the wall and then stomp on the surviving POS. Motorola and Nokia are so far behind the curve. Sorry guys, the game’s changed and you got toasted.

    A friend just got her 8GB iPhone last night so I’m going to help her set it up later. She’s been using the above-trashed 7100g for the last year so it’s time to put it out of its misery. I’d love to smash it to pieces but she wants to give it to a domestic violence shelter.

  2. I saw a really long and flashy ad for the razr2 the other day and it just went on an on about how flashy it was and how it had two screens and how it had a touchscreen etc. None of it seemed to show it in use, mentioned the interface, mentioned ease of use, mentioned anything that would actually make it good or bad in everyday use. That’s why they fail. That’s why customers have no loyalty and they’re constantly having to work for every single customer every single time they get a new phone. Apple have iPhone customers, I bet that almost across the board those customers will automatically consider a new iPhone in the future.

  3. I used a Motorola “Q” for a year before I got an iPhone. It’s a decent package. However, the hardware is crap and the software is worse than crap. They would sell a LOT more if it didn’t freeze and need to be restarted by removing the battery at least once per day. I never used the side wheel. The last straw was when it froze and wouldn’t allow me to answer a call.

    The iPhone has been sluggish a few times, not perfect, but much better.

  4. Although the iPhone is pretty cool, I need a large screen.

    Surfing on the iPhone is a chore, it simply doesn’t catch the wave right and I wind up swimming.

    My big kanuna fingers manages to hit three or four iPhone keys at the same time.

    Although the shiny screen makes a nice mirror so iCan dress up for the wahines.

    Now my Razr, that’s a perfect device. I use it to scrape off my new beard and can make phone calls to my wahines.

    Beats the clam shells by a long shot.


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