Apple: $100 iPhone credit can be used for iTunes gift cards

“Apple Inc., after cutting the price of the iPhone by $200, started offering $100 in credit to early buyers and said they can use it to purchase iTunes gift cards,” Connie Guglielmo reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple’s Web site says the credit isn’t good for iTunes gift cards but the page is incorrect and is being revised, spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said,” Guglielmo reports.

Full article here.

That makes more sense as Apple Stores do sell iTunes gift cards and excluding them would have been questionable.


  1. > Leopard… seems like a theme with the early iPhone owners.

    As long as they use a Mac. The majority of iPhone customers, like iPod customers, (still) use Windows. Let’s hope THEY use it to buy an iMac or MacBook.

  2. @thelt

    Who are you kidding, then?

    The journalist who reported this based it on facts as they at the moment were, no more no less. That’s good reporting. And initially, MDN and a big part of it’s following got it wrong. They were the ones on a witchhunt, in classic lynching mob style. That’s bad.

    Because of the reporting, Apple said it was an error on their behalf – if it indeed was an error – and now have changed/corrected it. That’s the benefit of good reporting.

    Lately, there seems to be a lot that Apple initially “forgets” – $100 iPhone rebate, iMovie6 HD, iTunes gift option – and makes one wonder wether Apple is becoming dementic or wether they are testing how far they can push the envelope. Good reporting is an important counterweight to both of these possibilities. So Kudo to Connie for good journalism on this particular topic.

    I know that with the growth of Apple market share, the old days of a more enlightened, rational and erudite Apple crowd are gone, but if the likes of you, and the personal attack style MDN-takes of late – are what is coming to the Mac-world, then God help us all.

  3. LOL, so now this makes sense?

    Where’s all that bullshit from yesterday:

    “Oh, it’s to be expected, the iTunes store and Apple store are two entirely different entities.”

    “Oh well of course, the iTunes store and Apple store have two completely different systems of accounting.”

    So quick to jump out there with excuses.

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