Apple expected to announce iPhone deals in UK, France, Germany on Tuesday

“Apple is holding a press conference in London next Tuesday,” Elena Malykhina reports for InformationWeek.

“Apple is not providing specifics on the purpose of the press conference, but industry experts say Apple will launch the iPhone with carriers in the U.K., France, and Germany,” Malykhina reports. “They will likely include Telefonica’s O2 U.K. unit, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile, and France Telecom’s Orange, according to a report by Reuters.”

“Earlier this week, Apple announced that it sold its one millionth iPhone — that’s 74 days after it went on sale on June 29,” Malykhina reports.

Full article here.


  1. Yup, the media are just putty in Job’s hands.

    For Apple, it’s a slam dunk nowadays. They have so much going on, that they can command media attention anytime they want.

    Witness the iPhone price drop. Create a scandal and them within a few days announce the 1M sale. Follow that a week later with European release. It reminds of a few years back that they announced product release week after week. It was topped off by the nano replacing the mini and that Xmas quarter they sold 14M ipods. F#$&#xin;g superb.

    I gotta say that Mac news is a sleeping giant. If Apple sell 2M+ this quarter the stock will jump something serious. Add Leopard into the mix and us shareholders are going to earn some serious wonger (that is, of course, if we were stupid enough to sell).


    MW bed as in make your bed – fine with me

  2. And another thing… in answer to ‘The Other Steve’ and ‘Luke’, when I lived in France [sadly nearly 5 years ago now], there used to be roaming charges moving from France to Belgium or Germany. Idiotic I know, but they’re Telcos… and that makes them evil, really evil.

  3. Hew hefna hafta say it didn’t he?!!!!!!! Meantime, books have been written, more books will be written, oh! what a Joy hindsight is if you can cash in early enough!!!!

    Feel like a fart? Drink Camels Milk, you will know you are human again when you start producing them!

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