PC World: Apple’s new iPod nano ‘a highly capable, eye-catching media player’

Apple’s new iPod nano “impressed me more in person than it did on paper. The brushed aluminum design–available in silver (4GB and 8GB), black, (Product) Red, metallic pastel blue, and metallic pastel green–actually works quite well in practice. Whereas before I always found the Nano unnaturally long for my taste, now I find the Nano fits well in the contour of my small hand. This makes operating the player with one hand convenient and comfortable. The player remains super-lightweight at 1.7 ounces,” Melissa J. Perenson reports for PC World.

“I found it easy to watch video and view the device in a bright environment,” Perenson reports. “The larger screen not only facilitates viewing video and still images, but it also accommodates the Apple’s refreshed iPod interface… Cover Flow, the top navigation option under the Music menu, offers a completely different visual navigation experience.

“With the iPod nano, Apple delivers a highly capable, eye-catching media player, including great audio quality and a bright, high-resolution display for watching video,” Perenson reports.

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  1. The iPod Nano’s (and shuffle) last gen had better colors than these new pastel colors.

    I was hoping for a 2 or 4 gig shuffle so I would break down and get one, but with the new colors being released I bit the bullet and went to Wal-Mart and picked up a bad ass blue shuffle before I was trapped into buying anything that color.

    Way to push that old stock of shuffles. I literally bought mine 30 minutes after watching the keynote.

  2. “Loved her pointing out no mic and recording ability or FM turner.”

    I love Macs, got 2 of em. I have iPhone and i had 4 diff iPods over the years and i still think the absense of a mic and FM tuner is relevant. I know now that neither is usefull to me but if your writing a review you really need to mention that.

  3. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think the iPod nanos or classics run OS X. Only the iPod Touch. I think this is just an upgraded version of PortalPlayer plus some software goodies for running coverflow.

  4. > I was hoping for a 2 or 4 gig shuffle…

    Anything above 1GB without a screen would be a bad user experience. That’s why Apple doesn’t make them, and why there is a 4GB iPod nano. And you can probably buy a refurb 2GB (last gen) nano for a few more months (currently $99).

  5. Mark,

    At most gyms you can get instructions and music, news etc. through an FM broadcast.

    Lots of people like to listen to their iPods at the gym and it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the other services there.

  6. Go to Target and purchase the radio/ headphones that displays the tuner on the iPod screen. It is nice and a solution for those screaming for a radio. If not, then go buy a separate radio with headphones for five bucks. The iPod is successful because it is simple…it doesn’t need an FM radio built-in so all people can complain about is the reception.

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