Apple 16 GB iPod touch already tops Amazon’s Electronic Best-Sellers list

Amazon’s number one Best-Selling Electronics product is currently Apple’s new 16 GB iPod touch.

As usual, Apple dominates Amazon’s Top 10 Best-Selling “MP3 Players” list, which looks like this currently:
1. Apple 16 GB iPod touch
2. Apple 2 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (2nd Generation)
3. Apple 8 GB iPod touch
4. Apple 160 GB iPod classic (Black)
5. Apple 80 GB iPod classic (Black)
6. Apple 8 GB iPod nano with Video (Black)
7. Sandisk SDMX4-4096 Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player with SD Expansion Slot
8. Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle AAC/MP3 Player Metal (2nd Generation)
9. Apple 4 GB iPod nano AAC/MP3 Player Silver (2nd Generation)
10. Apple 4 GB iPod nano with Video (Silver)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jay” for the heads up.]

That didn’t take long, did it?


  1. The 16 GB iPod touch is the best mp3 player I have ever owned. I know people have complained about the capacity, but I myself only have 4 GB of music. Also, I would rather own an mp3 player that uses flash as apposed to a HDD It’s great at playing videos, and the multitouch is cool, but the wifi was the selling point for me.

  2. @ Drunk Cheney

    The simple answer is that no one would buy an iphone. It would also be a pain with no cellular network, because you would have to have wi-fi to get your email. Chances are, if you have wi-fi, you probably have a computer nearby, and, no matter what anybody says, a mouse and a 15″ screen beats a 4″ touch screen any day. But, I guess if you can access your email through your browser, you can get it on your ipod touch.

    Honestly though, it would be awesome to have your email Stored on your ipod all the time with no subscription costs. It would also be great to have skype capabilities with the iPod Touch. I’m pretty sure a skype-enabled ipod touch with no cellular contract could sell for $800 and it would sell like hot cakes

  3. The products announced 10/05/07 are going to start stealing the limelight back from the iPhone’s price reduction, and the most amazing product was the new iPod Touch.

    Don’t forget the other shoes yet to drop…Leopard and the 16GB iPhone.

    Merry Christmas, Apple!

    Olmecmystic ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. the brown out sells pink and red?!?

    heck who am i kidding, that far down the list must be something like 8 sales a year. i imagine they make great gag gifts.

    …i would buy brown for that purpose (to gag) myself!

    what can brown do for you?

  5. “But gee, where’s the Zune??? I don’t see a Zune in the list…”

    “#13 (White), #26 (Black), #43 (Brown), #45 (Pink), and #59 (Red).”

    People are probably mistaking the White one for an iPod?

    Anyway, in my opinion the iPod touch and iPhone are more portable computers than an mp3 player or a phone. The 160 GB iPod classic has bigger HDD than my iBook. I say Apple is the next Microsoft, because handheld devices are the future. You can buy handhelds today that are far more powerful than desktop computers from the 1990s. I think that 10 to 15 years from now, superpowerful handhelds with terabytes of HDD capacity and the ability to access the internet from anywhere on the planet, will replace desktop comps and laptops. At home, you would just plug your handheld into a docking station to use your other hardware like monitors, printers, keyboards, or blue-ray drives. Apple will be in a unique position to just slowly turn their iPods into ultraportable computers. Before you know it, the majority of people will be using ultraportable Macs as their main computer, because the iPod is the mp3 player of choice .

  6. What’s the difference between last week’s Shuffle (2g?), and this weeks (3g?), other than the change in colors offered.

    More to the point, what’s the difference in the two silver models?

  7. Does anyone know how Top Sellers -list on
    is constructed? Is it hand-crafted? Is the order relevant?

    Now the Top Sellers are (no iPod Touch, iPod in stead of iPod classic)
    1. iPod
    2. iPod nano
    3. AppleCare Protection Plan
    4. iTunes Gift Certificate
    5. iLife ’08
    6. iPod shuffle
    7. iPhone
    8. iWork ’08
    9. QuickTime 7 Pro for Mac OS X
    10. iTunes Gift Card

    When you check e.g. Software sorted by Top sellers
    the list changes:
    1. Office 2004 for Mac – Student and … (not on Top Sellers list)
    2. QuickTime 7 Pro for Mac OS X (#9 on Top Sellers)
    3. iLife ’08 (#5 on Top Sellers)
    4. QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows (not on Top Sellers list)
    5. iWork ’08 (#8 on Top Sellers list)

  8. Watch out Apple….As of 8:15, the White Zune has moved to #9.

    Has to be the $80 drop in price (which, relative to the original price, is the same discount as the iPhone).

    No other reason whatsoever for the spark in popularity.

  9. Zune has just made it to the top 10 list- IT’S 80% OFF! The Sansa player is 60% off…

    Fascinating that the higher capacity/more expensive iPods consistently outsell the less expensive ones.

    Steve Jobs IS a genius.

    Bill Gates must be sobbing into his Kool-Aid about now.

  10. Sorry, missed the last 5 on Top Sellers 🙁
    11. QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows
    12. iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED™ Special Edition
    13. iMac
    14. MacBook
    15. Office 2004 for Mac – Student and Teacher Edition

    So the Software sorted by Top Sellers is:

    1. Office 2004 for Mac – Student and … (#15 on Top Sellers list)
    2. QuickTime 7 Pro for Mac OS X (#9 on Top Sellers)
    3. iLife ’08 (#5 on Top Sellers)
    4. QuickTime 7 Pro for Windows (#11 on Top Sellers)
    5. iWork ’08 (#8 on Top Sellers list)

  11. ken1w

    YES – a SD slot would be INCREDIBLE on any iPod.

    Better on iPod touch, and iPod nano.

    I have been asking 4 this since the Benq Joybee 130 came out.

    AND this is WHY Sandisk slipped in the list there.

    IT’s would be a great move… and then I could slip a SD in from my DigitalCamera to review while I take more picture.

    However, the iPODs don’t work in such a manner… though a nice software patch could fix all that.

    GO APPLE… and PLS add a SD SLOT in the next YEAR!!!!!


  12. I bet the new “ZuneTone Jr.” with Walkie-Talkie type communication, built-in multi-card slot media reader, five USB ports, a fold out full size keyboard, and it’s inferior-red sharing syc system will arrive any day now.

    AND YES – unlike my fellow neighbors… I will not line up the day it comes to market. I’ll wait three months and pray for a re-bate from Bill. Hope he’s kind enough to say why he is offering the re-bate. But, heck, I already know why cos no one wanted one.

    Scratch… hmmm Ballmer your fired!!!!

  13. @MikeR
    And kinglear is not the only customer 100% happy with his non-existent electronic device. The Average Customer Review rating for 16 GB iPod touch is now 4.5/5. I am sure the ratings will soar to 5.5/5 when they receive the package, and to 6/5 or more when they have opened it.

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