Apple iPod classic, iPod nano 3G, 2007 iPod shuffle unboxing photos posted

iLounge has just posted unboxing photos of the iPod classic and third-generation iPod nano.

iLounge is still adding additional pictures to the gallery, so keep checking back as they’ve been added.

You can also find iLounge interface videos of the iPod classic and iPod nano along witrh First Looks of the classic and nano in the full article

iLounge also has 2007 iPod shuffle unboxing photos here.


  1. I like the idea of the new nano but, why did they have the change the colours, they look less viberant!

    I really like the ability to play back video now so i can play back video podcasts as I own a 2gen 8gb nano but seriously what is with those colours, or is it just me?

  2. mysterydude: I feel the same way. I do like the new nanos, especially the super high-res screen, and the colours look good on their own, its just that compared to the previous colours they look a bit dull

  3. I am one of those people that made fun of the “fatty” nano before it’s release but I must say that it looks much better in person than expected. It’s hard to call it a “fatty” when it is so thin, which is possibly why Steve spent so much time showing off it’s thinness during the show. It kind of reminds me of a saltine cracker in dimensions really.

    I agree about the colours though. I am an artist and while there is something to be said for both the old colours and the new, I don’t understand why they are so limited with either. Would it really cost that much more at the factory level to let us have 10 or twelve colours instead of just three?

    Colour appreciation is indeed subjective, so if you (like me), don’t particularly like pale green, pale blue, or bright red, your kind of stuck with black and white again.

  4. Apple still doesn’t get it. Microsoft gets it. I don’t see why Apple doesn’t get it.

    Brown. It’s the only color you’ll ever need. Maybe the 17G iPod nano will finally come in brown.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  5. No more white iPods! They’re either colored or aluminum like the new iMac and mini and MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. Too bad the new Airport Extreme is still shiny white. I guess aluminum is the new white.

    The new colors are a bit pastel for my tastes.
    Why, oh, WHY is there no purple?

  6. Zune Tang gets it. Zune mp3 player has the the whopping 100% of the brown Zune player market, I don’t think Apple has a chance. With the recent price cut the market share could even go wurther up.

  7. I can see Apple making a brown iPod nano. Except Apple’s brown would be an attractive dark shade, like straight coffee. Until then, Microsoft is welcome to 100% of the brown music player market.

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