Buh-bye iPod Hi-Fi

“While Apple continues to plug the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system on its web site and under the ‘Accessories’ portion of its scrolling iTunes/iPod navigation bar, the Hi-Fi itself has been axed from the online store, true to Think Secret sources who previously said the product was reaching the end of its life,” Think Secret reports.

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Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK, “Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, UK resellers confirmed the news [of iPod Hi-Fi’s “End Of Life”]… It’s not clear at if the company intends releasing a revised version of the system, but the iPod HiFi is no longer available for purchase from the company’s UK online Apple store.”

Full article here.

What we need now is an “iPod Hi-Fi Wi-Fi.” Or would it be “iPod Wi-Fi Hi-Fi?” Aw, screw it: maybe we just need some more iPod Socks?


  1. The iPod HI-FI was an example of Apple sucking. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> I love their other products (have many Macs and iPods and the iPhone) but their iPod HI-FI really sucked. It was ugly and it sounded terrible.

  2. OK, so the iPod touch and iPhone both have WiFi built-in, now. Could Apple implement a “lite” iTunes client that could send tunes from your iPod/iPhone to an Airport Express or AppleTV? THAT would kick ass. “Computerless” music playback. Over at a friends’ house… Hey, listen to this new tune…


  3. The iPod Hi-Fi was really out of Apple’s strengths. There really wasn’t a need for a “better” speaker system for the iPod line, and plenty of other options were available. Not like with iPhone and iPod or Macs, Apple really couldn’t make a significantly better and easier to use speaker system. Frankly, they’re just too simple of a product.

  4. I own an iPod Hi-Fi, and honestly it is awesome. It has way more horsepower than the Bose system (and I like Bose), runs on batteries, and has an optical/analog input. My wife uses it in her massage therapy studio and I take it on vacation to the beach. It sounds great and fills our whole beach house with sound. A lot of people don’t like the way the iPod sits on top, but after watching many other systems with “fancier” iPod placements that inevitably break, i think the Hi-Fi does a great job. I would not say that it would replace a proper stereo system, but as a travel/extra speaker system, it rocks. MDN magic word “volume”.

  5. ya know, I own one of these.

    ( I didn’t pay for it, one of my vendors shipped it to me as a free gift, so that was cool )

    And I must say, I really really enjoy it. When I go up north to the cabin it comes with me – it sounds great, and the remote works really slick. I think it’s a quality item, and looks great, too.

    Just my 2¢.

  6. I disagree with the opinions hear regarding the sound. This little thing sounds great! I purchased it right after its announcement and have use it everyday since. I hope it doesn’t go away. I’d like to see built in networking so you can access your iTunes library and a built in hard drive for storage. Think watered down tv with a speaker system while still being able to dock your iPod to it.

  7. If you are complaining about the sound of the Hi-Fi I’d guess you didn’t listen to one. They sound great…of course everyone hears differently I suppose.

    The same goes for the look. I love the minimalist modern type look. Some people like the flashing light spaceship look.

    I will admit that I think this was priced way too high. I luckily found mine on sale for $89 at Target last year. It’s wonderful for that price. I wouldn’t pay $359 for one though.

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