Apple’s $200 iPhone price cut ‘above and beyond the call of early adopter duty?’

“I got my Apple iPhone 8GB at approximately 6:15pm Eastern on Friday, June 29th,” SteveJack writes over in our Opinion section.

“In other words, I’ve had an Apple iPhone for as long as almost anyone outside of Steve Jobs and some other Apple and AT&T honchos,” SteveJack writes.

“So, I paid $599 and I’ve had my iPhone for 68 days before Apple dropped the price a tad over 33%, slicing off $200, and setting the price at $399 today… For the heck of it, I divided $200 by 68 days and figured out that it “cost” me about $2.94 per day to be an iPhone early adopter,” SteveJack writes.

“A 33% decrease after 68 days on the market — is extremely drastic and falls in the category of ‘above and beyond the call of early adopter duty.’ It just does. Like almost everything else about the iPhone, it’s unprecedented — at least Apple’s consistent,” SteveJack writes.

Full article, with the question, “So, iPhone early adopters, how do you feel today?” and the opportunity to provide feedback, here.

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