Apple posts QuickTime of Steve Jobs’ September 5th Apple Special Event keynote presentation

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil the new iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod shuffle, plus new features in iTunes.

See the video-on-demand event (1:24:26), exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4, right here.


  1. What I’ve learned from Apple this year…

    1. Don’t update right away. I’m going to delay iTunes 7.4 because of 7.3. I spent my iPhone weekend trying to figure out why my iTunes library wouldn’t save. Video podcasts.

    2. Don’t be an early adapter. First, I buy the AppleTV when it comes out. I waited since ’06 for it. It was the piece that was missing from my iTunes/iPod/Digital life. It was a great product. A few months later, a larger… a much larger… hard drive appears. All I want is to have the USB port active so I can add an external HD. I’m on the outside looking in. I’m an apple fan because of their attention to detail and the ease of use for the consumer. I get burnt here. Then, I wait 6 months for an iPhone. I’m quoted one price. Two months later, the price drops $200. It’s the risk I take, but that’s a huge drop in such a short time. Don’t fall for the iPhone trap. The 16 GB phone is coming in Jan.

    3. When apple says release in a certain month, they mean the very last day of the month. iPhone, June 29th. Leopard release, Oct 31 which is a Wednesday. Trust me on that.

    4. There was a time when Apple said here is this cool product and guess what, go buy it now. In Jan, we were shown AppleTV and iPhone. Delayed until Feb/March and June/July. Serious delays in Leopard. In Sept, they show us Ringtones, and iPodTouch. Delayed. We have to wait for the iTunes store on the iPhone. That should have been a day of update. They show us Starbucks… What’s the deal? Not available until 2009 in my area. That was a serious downer.

    I’m just venting… the no beatles (even though the event image was a perfect Sgt. Peppers set up) was really disappointing. The iPhone price drop hurt the worse. The $7 stock price drop sucked. No Leopard yet. The USB port on my AppleTV is still not active.

    I will say… it’s still better to be an apple fan than a Microsoft fan.

    I’m surprised no one is complaining about the $.99 ringtone price. I’m sure Steve had to do this to make the record companies happy. That one doesn’t bother me.

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