Apple lowers 8GB iPhone price to $399 for holiday season; iPhone sales on track

Apple today announced that it is on track to sell its one millionth iPhone before the end of September, and to make iPhone affordable for even more customers this holiday season, it is lowering the price of the most popular iPhone model with 8GB of storage from $599 to just $399.

“The surveys are in and iPhone customer satisfaction scores are higher than we’ve ever seen for any Apple product,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in the press release. “We’ve clearly got a breakthrough product and we want to make it affordable for even more customers as we enter this holiday season.”

The 8GB iPhone is available immediately for $399 in the US through Apple’s retail and online stores and AT&T retail stores. The iPhone 4GB model will be sold while supplies last.

MacDailyNews Take: 8GB iPhone early adoption price = US$200.


  1. I could understand dropping the price after a year or something, but after just a few months? Way to punish the loyal die-hards Steve Jobs. Plus, I wanted a red shuffle back in February when they came out with ORANGE instead. So I got a blue one. And then they announe Red today. I love Apple, but today Steve Jobs is on my sh@* list.

  2. Kinda funny how other companies lower their prices when they see disappointing sales (a la Zune), but Apple has a product that’s selling like hotcakes and they surprise everyone by slashing prices like this. Talk about playing hardball. What’s a competitor to do?

  3. Why do I feel ripped off? Without a voucher or rebate to those who supported Apple in its newest venture based on faith alone, the company has just angered and alienated many in their core group of long-time enthusiasts. Six months after a product launch, sure. But six weeks? If they have any business sense, they’ll hop on this and make amends.

  4. While I am surprised that the price has dropped so soon, I’m not upset by it. The more iPhones in service the more options and accessories that we are going to eventually see, just like with the iPod. The new pricing is ideal. It basically let’s an iPod shopper to add cell phone functionality for just a hundred bucks; an easy upsale. It also signals new models to come.

    The downside is that I am already hearing news reports spinning the price cut as an “attempt to boost sales”, implying that goals aren’t being met. Sales have been off the charts already and Apple wants to continue the momentum with the new pricing.

  5. C’mon, people! This happens every time Apple launches a new product – updates and price drops come fast and furious (though this is quicker than I would have expected). Those intent on living on the bleeding edge will always pay a premium and take a risk.

    Anyone who has watched Apple for more than a couple of years knows what to expect: get it now and be an earlier adopter; wait a few months (or a few weeks) and get it cheaper and probably with initial kinks worked out.

    You buys your ticket and you plays the game…

  6. To those of you whining about, “Where’s my $200?”, well, uh, it’s not your $200 anymore. Ya see, that’s the way it works when you buy something.

    I find it rather astonishing the some of you are so stupid you don’t understand that products *do* come down in price. Like it or not, that’s the world in which we live.

    Go buy a new car, and then check out the prices a few months later when they want to make room for the new models. It happens all the time for “just introduced” products of all sorts.

    Look, the rest of us knew they would come down in price, and said as much. But you wanted to be first, first, first, and live on the cutting edge. Well, that’s the price you pay. Living on the cutting edge is not free. In this case, it costs you 200 clams. Deal with it!

  7. I would venue to guest that steve just let the food flood out for the feeding frenzy, oh poor zune…. drop the price and say how the future will be better…..

    “WOW!” Your Passion and our dumb-ass products! Microsoft.

  8. So much b|tching about 200 bucks… It doesn’t take a wizard to figure out how Apple prices and upgrades their products, but oh well, it’s not that big a deal in the long run.
    It’s far more important to drop the price point and make it more attractive to consumers. This holiday season is going to be gargantuan (there’s that word again) for Apple and AAPL. You can get a pretty good deal on AAPL shares today if you hurry. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />


  9. What’s with the pissing and moaning by the early adopters? Look folks, it’s a roll of the dice when you buy the latest and greatest. You’re pissed because prices were dropped, how about the fact that you could have paid $500 for a poor product? Be happy you bought a quality product, you paid what it cost at the time and that’s that.

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