Uh oh, Madonna’s latest – ‘The Beat Goes On’ – leaks on eve of Apple event

“I know, I know, so much Madonna news. With a new Madonna album on the horizon, the coverage of M isn’t going to get any lighter people! So, the full version of ‘The Beat Goes On’ has leaked to the internet and for the most part it sounds finished. It’s shaping up to be ‘Bedtime Stories Part 2,’ which is a good thing. Madonna starts it off with ‘Let’s do something different, let’s change things up’ and with that I’ll send you on your way — you’ll have to find this one yourself,” Poolparty reports.

Full article here.

Apple’s email invitations to the media for their special event at Moscone West in San Francisco tomorrow at 10am PDT feature the phrase “The Beat Goes On.”

Last week, we mentioned that “The Beat Goes On” was a song released by Sonny and Cher in 1967. The phrase also appears on Sonny Bono’s tombstone and also appeared in The Beatles final press release, issued April 10, 1970, which led many to believe that The Beatles would be coming to iTunes Store tomorrow.

Now, we have this Madonna monkey wrench thrown into the mix. (Madonna was featured in the first Motorola ROKR with Apple iTunes commercial).

MacDailyNews Take: Not that there’s anything wrong with Madonna, but God help Steve Jobs if he’s planning on dashing the media’s expectations for The Beatles with some Madonna album plug / iPod+iTunes tie-in. Jobs and Apple would be roasted on a spit at the media barbecue tomorrow. Let’s hope “The Beat Goes On” is just a weird coincidence, but we’ve got a queasy feeling… pass the BBQ sauce.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brian B.” for the heads up.]


  1. <<She proved that a child living with his father can still be an orphan. All you need is a fake British accent and a ton of money.>>

    Kid had been abandoned. Can’t we all just move on now?

    It’s fine to criticize her music (liked the early stuff, not the later stuff), or her politics (a little obvious, for me), her taste in fashion (loved the Jean-Paul Gaultier phase) or her sexuality (bring it on). But the people who trash her completely are like the people who trash all Apple products, sight unseen. Opinions not to be respected.

    My two cents…

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