New Sharp touchscreen could aid iPhone, future notebooks and other products

“Sharp today revealed a prototype touchscreen display it believes could solve many of the inherent limitations of current models. The current example uses the same 3.5-inch size and 320×480 resolution of the iPhone’s Balda-made display but builds optical sensors directly into the LCD surface, detecting changes by the pixel. Input is sensitive enough to allow complex multi-touch gestures such as an iPhone-like ‘pinch,’ but can also perform scanning functions; a future device could include a business card reader tool or automatically scan data codes found on packaging, Sharp says,” Electronista reports.

“Future developments should see the screen expand up to 12.1 inches,” Electronista reports.

Full article, with images, link to more images and info, here.

Who wouldn’t want to see a Mac multi-touch iTablet?


  1. Touch screens? WTF?

    Touch screens are a fad. Traditional buttons are classic and timeless. The iPhone only has one button. The MAC mouse only has one button. How do you MAC lemmings get anything done? Dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. Good question from you, guys.
    I assume such an ergonomical interface would change the world of ultraportables. Such thing built into an Apple portable size of the PB 12″ would be great.
    One desktop for the office and that device to go.. Or just that one at home.
    I like the idea very much and have the money ready when it should be out one day…

  3. Yup, I get the same…

    No story or comments, just ads.
    No story, but tiny comments, plus ads.
    Another variation of no story, comments, but plenty of ads.

    Am viewing/writing this whilst in Camino (still had to reload page!). MDN is without question the shittest site I view on a regular basis so far as user experience is concerned, which given they evangelise all things Apple is somewhat ironic.

  4. Same problem with Firefox. It does load correctly on the first refresh.

    Touch screens, along with key boards and mouses. Different approaches for different activities. Lots of flexibility. Add the that simply talk to the device. It just keeps getting better and better.

    Now I get out a tablet and plug it in for some activities. Wouldn’t have to mess with that any more. The note book in my lap could be a table as well. Awesome.

    Zune Tang is joking right? No one could be that balled up and backwards. At least for his sake if hope it is instead a perverse sense of humor.

    M$ will, of course, follow along behind in all of this and buy out the competition.

  5. Zune Tang wrote, “Touch screens? WTF? Touch screens are a fad.”

    An expensive and useless fad when the technology
    is only on the Surface.

    (ZT: Bill called. He wants to meet with you today to discuss your script. He sounded pretty angry.)

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