Apple shares surge over 5-percent on new iPod, Beatles expectations

“Apple Inc. shares rose more than 5 percent on Wednesday on growing expectations that the company will announce a revamped line of iPods next week,” Franklin Paul reports for Reuters.

“Technology news Web sites have speculated that Apple could launch a new video iPod with a large touch screen similar to the iPhone, and a redesigned iPod nano in time for the end-of-year holiday shopping season,” Paul reports.

“Others also suggested that Apple may announce a deal for its iTunes online music store to sell albums from the Beatles, the last and biggest digital music hold-out,” Paul reports. “Apple has distributed invitations to a September 5 event in San Francisco, but did not say what it would be about.”

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  1. Don’t think so

    So did all the other tech stocks and most of the NASDAQ, e.g. Intel and Oracle had similar gains.
    Also, a day earlier credit worries sunk them all significantly, and Apple the most (>4%). So actually this news helped some 1% maybe.

  2. “the Beatles, the last and biggest digital music hold-out”

    What about Metallica?

    Having the Beatles on iTunes won’t be of big economical, but symbolic significance because of their iconic status in pop music and the feud-filled history between the two Apples.

  3. @Yours Smugly

    Surely you’re not suggesting that Metallica on ITMS would be a bigger deal money-wise than the Beatles? I think nyet. Once the Fab Four come on board, the biggest ITMS holdout will be Led Zeppelin.

  4. The Beetles are moot at this point, Apple really doesn’t need them.

    Anyone who has ever liked their music has already bought the c.d.’s or pirated it.

    Sure they could come out with a DRM free, high quality iTMS versions, hidden tracks etc that could give them a sales boost….

  5. Random Guy — Newsflash: The same number of Led Zeppelin fans give a whit about them being on iTunes as the number of Beatles fans care about the Beatles — ZERO!

    Any fans of this music already own it. Any new to it probably won’t “discover” it on iTunes either.

    As if it’s worth discovering anyway.

  6. Led Beatles: “Any fans of this music already own it. Any new to it probably won’t “discover” it on iTunes either.

    As if it’s worth discovering anyway.”


    You might be surprised there Leddie boy, at the number of up and comers who are now just discovering the likes of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. For example, my 17 year old son who listens to almost nothing else except 70’s classic rock.

    And guess what: These younguns don’t buy physical CD’s!! They download their shit…….

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