Apple iPhone proves too strong a lure for some in Vermont

“There’s a digital ax hanging over John Canning’s head, but he doesn’t much care,” Adam Silverman reports for USA Today.

“The South Burlington resident is too busy surfing the Internet, perusing his e-mail, compiling driving directions and keeping track of the stock market — all on what amounts to a portable computer he cradles in the palm of his hand,” Silverman reports.

“Canning bought an iPhone, the trendy gadget from Apple that combines a wireless phone, iPod digital music player and Internet and e-mail applications,” Silverman reports.

“That made Canning something of a risk-taker. The device is tethered exclusively to AT&T, which offers no wireless service in Vermont and threatens in legal documents and media interviews to terminate the contracts of anyone who buys an iPhone while living here,” Silverman reports.

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  1. I don’t know what the issue is, as I have a ski house in Vermont and get AT&T service, including data, while there. They obviously have some kind of presence, since I doubt I’m picking up a sigmal from NY or NH which would be 40 miles in either direction.

  2. Just a point to ponder, but isn’t Apple against any sort of DRM as explained by Steve? Why then do we have what amounts to a hardware DRM with one company exclusive of all others? Whats your take MDN?

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