PodBrix ‘Young Woz and Jobs Playset’ goes on sale in two days

After a long hiatus, the latest PodBrix custom minifig product “Young Woz and Jobs Playset” goes on sale in on August 29th at 9pm Eastern.

Re-creating the early years of Woz and Jobs collaboration the “Young Woz and Jobs Playset” is a 300 unit limited numbered edition set. What ideas was Jobs percolating in his subconscious back in 1972? The included mini thought-bubble attempts to answer the question.

Hand created by Tomi, each playset contains a young version of Jobs and Woz immortalized in minifig form. The backdrop set features a desk with custom made computer, circuit board based project in progress, and a “2001-style” calendar marking a fateful date (April 14, 1972). The reverse of the backdrop displays the limited edition unit number and is signed by Tomi. Some assembly is required.

The Young Woz and Jobs Playset retails for US$39.99. More details and product photos will be available on the PodBrix.com site at 9pm Eastern time on August 29th.

Source: PodBrix


  1. Sweet. I managed to pick up the Keynote set relatively cheaply on eBay (though not as cheaply as if I’d bought it on release day!) and this will be a welcome addition. Now if only we could buy fully fledged Steve Jobs action figures …

  2. The original picture did not have an iPhone in it, but was actually just the smoke coming from the fatty that was Photoshopped out of Steve’s hand.

    Now you know the real reason for their expressions….

  3. Wow – that’s one glossy screen they included in the set! Anyone know if there is an option for a matte screen instead?

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