iPhone Software 1.0.2 update significantly boosts Wi-Fi reception, say owners

“iPhone owners are reporting that the latest software update for their smart device has significantly boosted its wireless reception,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Although Apple Inc. only said Version 1.0.2 included unspecified ‘bug fixes,’ owners on several popular message forums, including those on the MacRumors site, have come forward with claims that the iPhone now connects to wireless access points once written off as out of range,” Keizer reports.

“‘My Wi-Fi reception is definitely better,’ a user identified as schulzmc said yesterday… ‘Wifi reception and connection is much improved,’ seconded snowboarder on the same thread yesterday,” Keizer reports.

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  1. It improved the WiFi reception on my MacBook AND on my Palm PDA.

    I am thinking that maybe it is actually improving the WiFi transmitting and receiving power on all the wireless routers, not the iPhone itself.

  2. I have noticed absolutely no Wi-Fi reception difference at all between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, it appears to merely be a placebo effect here. Restarting the device (forced by the update) likely accounts for any minor differences that these individuals noticed.

    What 1.0.2 actually did fix however was the white balance issue many were having with the built-in camera. Side by side comparisons of photos taken before and after the update are dramatically improved.

  3. @MadMac & ChrissyOne. Please send me $2.00 for my cleaning bill for spewed beverage. Yeah, I know, but Airplane quotes, especialy “hat…brooch…pterdactyl” make me laugh.

    And, taking MacGeek Pro’s cue, I’ll be diggin my old //e out of the storage building to test the iPhone 1.0.2 update for teh snappy. I wonder if it helps the IIgs, too?!

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