Apple shares jump on talk of European iPhone carrier deals

“Apple shares jumped on a report that the iPhone has cracked the European market,” Scott Moritz reports for

“Confirming speculation last month, FT Deutschland, the German counterpart of the Financial Times, reported Wednesday that Apple has signed exclusive supply contracts with Telefonica’s U.K. unit O2, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile in Germany and France Telecom’s Orange,” Moritz reports.

“Apple will get 10% of the monthly proceeds from calls and mobile data charges accrued by users in a revenue sharing deal, according to the report,” Moritz reports.

“Industry observers expect that more iPhone agreements will be struck next year in Europe and Asia,” Moritz reports.

Apple (AAPL) is currently trading at $131.32, up $3.75, or 2.94%.

Full article here.


  1. iPhone will be the gift that keeps on giving.

    Sell a phone in January 2008 and it’s still contributing to Apple’s P+L in December 2009.


    BTW, so pleased that Vivendi’s mobile phone arm (SFR) didn’t get the deal in France – hopefully, they’ll make up for it with UMG’s new music store but I doubt it very much.

  2. @Hamilton

    Cirgular/ATT *does* provide service overseas to the iPhone. You just need to add that option and pay more, of course.

    Seen at all iPhone users recently at a conference in Vienna, Austria using their iPhone just fine, making and receiving calls normally.

    Did you actually tried asking ATT for overseas roaming?

  3. In Norway there is a possibility that two companies may get the contract, Telenor and Netcom. Telenor is norwegian and is negotiating a deal. Netcom is owned by a mayor Swedish telecompany who is in talks with apple. Who knows migth get lucky!

  4. Again?
    It was in the hight 140s then 2 weeks later 120s
    Now within 1 day 130s again !!
    WTF is the stock really worth?! I’ve never seen a stock so based on hype then Apple’s.

    People in europe wont pay for something that’s locked down period.
    They simply have too much variety. Those better on a better success then Apple’s US introduction are in for a sobering reaction. Apple is not very big in the EU and around the world at all for being so controlling. They download from P2P programs rather then itunes, they use open OS’s, they pick the hardware they like.
    Funny, in the USA ( the land of the free) we seem to accept being locked down and paying more then we have to.

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