RUMOR: New Apple iPod nano colors leaked

9 to 5 Mac reports, “Our sources in China have just confirmed an earlier inside Apple report that the new Nano colors will be:”

• Black-matte
• Silver
• Cranberry/Wine Red
• Lighter Blue
• Light Green

9 to 5 Mac reports, “The screen takes up about 1/2 the surface area….”

Full article, with samples of the rumored colors, here.


  1. New colors? Is that it? That’s some fine innovation, Apple. Whatever.

    Where’s the FM?
    Can you squirt with one of these things?
    Finally, where’s the brown one?

    MAC lemmings, I’ll tell you where the above, must-have features are: Microsoft’s magnificent Zune. Stop wasting your money on the iPod which only plays Apple’s proprietary formats. Get the .WMA enabled Zune.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. I will be the first to answer some of these questions.

    “Can you squirt with one of these things?”

    Squirt? Oh that thing I can make the ladies do during sex.

    “Finally, where’s the brown one?”

    Brown, it is floating in the bowl with Vista just waiting to be flushed.

    “Get the .WMA enabled Zune.”

    Oh yeah, people are clamoring for a .wma enabled device. Get right in line behind the freetards clamoring for OGG Vorbis support.

    MW: Horse: As in hung like a horse.

    Tongue firmly planted in cheek BTW.

  3. Woooo Hoooo Fanboys, this is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone know how much RAM they have, … Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter – as long as it has the REAL important stuff – Pretty colors and it is real elegant and really gorgeous.

    Thanks for posting this important NEWS MDN!!!!!! iPods are just like the Mac, who cares about the Specs as long as it’s elegant!!! I sure hope they price the new Nanos 25-35% higher than other “junky” Mp3 players with better specs!!!!!

    Woooo Hoooo Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “The screen takes up about 1/2 the surface area” could mean the whole front is covered in screen since the definition of surface area would include the backside of the device as well. This rumor seems manufactured and poorly at that… oh, it’s from China! Makes complete sense.

  5. So far 9to5mac has been quite accurate. I much prefer the current colors and I think the form factor that they published a few weeks ago is just quick mockup.
    MDN: please be quicker. I read this news 2 days ago at

  6. The surface area also includes the sides. So unless this thing is infinitesimally small, I guess there will have to be a screen on both faces. It’s pretty awesome when rumors are not only improbable, but impossible. I’m just saying.

  7. Those colors are horrific.

    Pastels? Please.

    These rumors are ridiculous. Apple is not going to create a totally new form-factor that does not include touchscreen. What’s the point? Nobody wants a “smaller” nano. Nobody wants a new video iPod that does not have touchscreen.

  8. GAR! The colors BLOW [for the most part]…

    Ok, Black is always cool, silver is tolerable, the Burgundy is modestly attractive. But Pastels? My GOD! Pastel’s went out even before Miami Vice abandoned them TWENTY YEARS AGO!

    WAKE UP Apple! Go to your nearest Hardware store and see the wide variety of DEEP RICH Colors the Mini-MagLite’s are offered in. Make them in deep colors, not some pansyish pastel!

    16m would be nice. Might even consider upgrading to one if they also play video.


    P.S. Methinks Zune Tang’s nose is the same color as his Zune: Redmond Brown.

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