Apple iPhone user gets boxed 300-page AT&T phone bill

“Early adopters of Apple’s iPhone are getting their first service bills from AT&T — and some customers say they are so detailed they belong in libraries.
Justine Ezarik, a Pittsburgh graphic designer and active Internet blogger, got her first bill on Saturday. She says it was so huge — 300 pages — it was delivered in a box. AT&T detailed every text message and Internet use for her billing period. ‘This is so silly,’ she told USA TODAY. ‘There’s no reason they need to send you this much information,'” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today.

Full article here.

Justine Ezarik and her AT&T iPhone bill:

KDSK-TV reports, “AT&T said that customers have three bill options and they don’t have to select one with all of the detail, which would save paper. Ezarik says she’ll use the online billing in the future.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jesus” for the heads up.]


  1. You can easily request paperless bills from AT&T Mobility online.
    However, I think AT&T should have heavily promoted paperless billing prior to the launch. The northwest is probably completely stripped of trees now ready for paving.

  2. Actually, that’s AT&T’s little way of letting you know THAT THEY ARE RECORDING EVERYTHING YOU DO.

    NSA, AT&T, Cisco, same difference. All BIG BROTHER.

    Get used to it, you’ve lost your privacy.

    Why? Because you gave up instead of standing up.

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