Apple Mac’s growing popularity increases interest from corporations

“Computer hardware companies may have more to worry about than just the consumer market when it comes to Apple Inc.,” Donna Fuscaldo reports for Dow Jones Newswires.

“The popularity of Apple’s Macintosh computers is morphing into increased interest from corporations – and not only from the graphic arts departments, where Apple products traditionally have been popular. Apple resellers and analysts say the Cupertino, Calif., computer and entertainment company could make in-roads in the enterprise market that has historically been dominated by Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc.,” Fuscaldo reports.

“Apple has less than 3% of the U.S. corporate market, according to some estimates, and isn’t clear if being a player there is a priority for the company. However, corporations appear to be interested,” Fuscaldo reports.

“‘Executives and sales people, in particular, appreciate the cachet that Macs provide,’ said Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at PacificCrest Securities, noting that having the support of executives makes the purchasing process a lot easier,” Fuscaldo reports. “According to a survey conducted by PacificCrest Securities, 65% of companies cited consumer preference for one of the reasons they would be willing to adopt more Macs.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Daily Reader,” “Louis,” and “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Come on, Apple drive that truck full of Macs through that gaping hole Microsoft has created with Windows Vista!


  1. IT guys…the bandwagon will fly by you at incredible speed…get ready now for the leap before it is too late. No matter how stuck
    in the mud and secure you are in your Win$in world, it is INEVITABLE that the Mac and the iPhone are going to affect your life and business, so get smart and advance your knowledge of this platform sooner rather than later…more like NOW! If you laugh at me now, I will laugh at you later. The early bird caught the worm.

  2. No MDN, it isn’t a truck it needs to drive, that would be Dell.

    Apple is roaring into boardrooms and businesses by driving a million Apple Mac Ferrari’s onto the company car park. And it isn’t just in the shape of MacBooks, it’s iPods and iPhones too…

    And the best thing is that even the IT managers can’t fail to notice.

  3. This economic downturn, which seems increasingly real, large, and potentially long-term, will make the adoption of Macs into business an extra-interesting topic. At such a low percentage now, it seems Apple is still poised for pretty big growth, even with modest upswing in enterprise purchases. That means that, while the rest of the economy is heading south, Apple may weather the storm pretty well.

    That is, once the dust settles and investors once again realize that Apple is a strong buying opportunity…

  4. What’s that phrase I’m looking for? It’s not snow in summer, I’ve already seen snow in July and August. Canada, gotta love it.

    No, I remember. It’s something Steve once said.

    Hell has frozen over, or something like that.

    IT weenies, put on your long underwear.

  5. Numbers is the stick to thrash Microsoft with.

    Management types are going to be in a lather when they see it. This is what they want to do with spreadsheets. Leave Excel to the bean counters.

    MW: “Must”. Number is a must have app for anyone working with tabular data.

  6. Cachet is not a good basis for business decisions, except possibly for the reception area. Reliability, productivity and return on investment are better metrics. Apple Macs beat Windows machines on all points. The only sticking point is the perception that software is more important than what you do with it.

  7. Well I am IT guy, I think, really I am, Well It not easy,

    reliable is important, and Actually what ever works the best,

    All The IT people I know use Unix ,

    But its a Job at the end of the day, Enterprise is important AND we can’t take risk with any systems,

    MS 2003 seems OK, But apple seems fairly close running a solution,

    But will take HP and heaps to help make it work, Apple need to work as a team on this Perhaps, I hate MS too.

    MS i s a consumer company,

  8. MAC’s growing popularity?

    Popular with who?

    I showed this article to the IT guys at work and I think they’re still laughing. I’ll stop by after lunch to see if they stopped. Apparently our company president bought a MAC laptop for his daughter. Makes sense. A sissy girly toy computer for a girl. Whatever. Wait until she tries to use the internet and can’t! He should have looked for advice from his IT guys. They take Microsoft certification tests.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  9. When all is said and done IT departments will still trump Mac purchases with “single source is bad” (that is, only Apple makes Macs and, therefore, if we all by Macs, Apple will have the monopoly and competition in hardware and therefore prices will go up).

    Of course, having 94% of the world using Windows doesn’t seem to bother them for some reason I am completely unable to understand (somehow when it comes to OSes, a monopoly is ok).

    Still, Apple is perceived (rightly so?) as a hardware company, and, as we all know hardware companies come and go (of course few hardware companies fold which have 12 BILLION dollars cash in the bank, but try arguing this to an IT guy).

    The other thing keeping macs out of business is that IT guys intuit that their jobs are at risk- I mean, who really needs them if we all have Macs, right? It’s all about job security…

  10. 1. About that hole that Microsoft made with Windows Vista: I recently got an error message that told me I should make sure the computer is on. I think they meant the remote computer, but it was hilarious.

    2. I don’t understand why people write MAC and FAX. There is no rule that three-letter words have to be written in all caps.

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