Apple Store currently offline [UPDATE: 11:16pm EDT: Store back online]

Apple’s online store is currently displaying the familiar message that often precedes new product additions:

We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.

MacDailyNews Note: The store has been offline since approximately 10:35pm EDT.

[UPDATE: 11:16pm EDT: Store back online. We do not immediately see any changes to the U.S. Store.]

[UPDATE: 3:34am EDT: Apple has updated the look and navigation of their European (and possibly other) websites to match the new U.S. site.)

Visit the Apple Store here.


  1. @ No Squirt For You

    The highlight of that site is the system requirements. 24MB of physical RAM? Way out of my league. My favorite, though, is “A CD-ROM drive or a drive that reads data CD’s (for installation)”. You mean it doesn’t ship with 3.5″ floppys?

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