Apple Store currently offline [UPDATE: 11:16pm EDT: Store back online]

Apple’s online store is currently displaying the familiar message that often precedes new product additions:

We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly.

MacDailyNews Note: The store has been offline since approximately 10:35pm EDT.

[UPDATE: 11:16pm EDT: Store back online. We do not immediately see any changes to the U.S. Store.]

[UPDATE: 3:34am EDT: Apple has updated the look and navigation of their European (and possibly other) websites to match the new U.S. site.)

Visit the Apple Store here.


  1. DUAL DISPLAY iMACs up to 30 inches!!!!



    iPHONE 2.0 and free trade up for current iPhone owners!!!

    MacPro Portable!!!!

    OMFG!!!! TOTALY AMAZING!!?!?!?!

    whew…good thing none of that really happened, we’d all be broke.

  2. You can’t see anything because the store was updated only for hobicons who, of corse, live in the eleventh dimension.

    They are recording a new hobicon weekly podcast as we speak to talk about all the changes to the Apple store.

  3. I had this awful dream that the housing market began to tank which brought down a fair percentage of the subprime market which in turn caused severe problems for hedge funds, which in turn was bringing down the stock price for companies like Apple.

    whew…good thing none of that really happened, we’d all be broke.

    Oh wait, never mind.

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  4. The store went offline because Apple finally upgraded their European webpages (at least, ours in France).

    They probably just changed the adress or something. Calm your horses. =)

    MW : Is Apple planning on something big at the Paris Expo?

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