Apple declares AppleWorks ‘end of life’

“AppleWorks’ last breath was masked by last week’s iMac, iLife and iWork announcements – Apple has discontinued the product,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“Apple told resellers of the demise of AppleWorks last week, announcing that the software had reached “End of Life” status. It will no longer be sold,” Evans reports.

“The AppleWorks website ( now directs users to the iWork section of Apple’s website,” Evans reports.

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  1. “BTW can Numbers import AppleWorks spreadsheets?”

    Yes. Numbers can import AppleWorks (SS), Pages can import AppleWorks (WP) and Keynote can import AppleWorks (PR).

    Currently none of the iWorks modules can import AppleWorks (DR) drawings or AppleWorks (PT) paint.

    I hope they make AppleWorks a free download for .Mac users forever. It runs fine on Intel Macs. I also hope they create an ODF/XML export for Pages documents and allow Keynote to access the AppleWorks online clip-art site.

  2. Well I thought it was gone a long time ago. I got my mom a new laptop about 6 months ago and it was not loaded on it. I just assumed then that they were indeed adding numbers this go around. The only thing that gets me is that they have done away with there paint program. It was useful for sketching out things.

  3. Sad day…but as others have mentioned, AppleWorks has not been updated in years. Not really sure why it was never updated either. It was a decent and simple application.
    There is still nothing Apple offers that easily replaces the Database app or Drawing app at AppleWorks cost.

  4. So my question remains, what is Apple going to do for a good word processor, if anything? Apple works was okay for what it was but I could never bring myself to use it. I think Pages is great and I keep waiting for a good word processor from Apple. So?

    @Mr. Peabody

    You think Pages is great, but you’re waiting for Apple to release a good word processor? So you want them to make a worse word processor than Pages? What’s the point of that??? Or do you not realize that Pages IS a word processor, and a damn fine one at that?

  5. It’s a shame. I still use AppleWorks, but have been looking for a modern alternative for quite some time. iWork may have to do.

    Unfortunately, after version 3, AppleWorks was essentially in stasis.
    AppleWorks, like SO MANY other Apple applications, suffered from the old Apple release-and-forget software syndrome.They release a decent application with loads of potential, but, except for few bug-fixes, neglect it, until it dies a slow, painful death.

    Think Claris/AppleWorks, Claris Organizer (now Palm Desktop), MacWrite, MacPaint, iCal, Address Book, Apple Mail… the list could go on. Let’s just call it Neglectware.

    R.I.P. AppleWorks!

  6. I’ve heard that AppleWorks was neglected as part of the mythical Microsoft $150 million “bailout” years ago. Microsoft found a new and perhaps more diabolical way to kill the competition while appearing to “help”.

    AppleWorks Euthanized? Mmmm… could be…

  7. Nice to be right on top of this one MDN. This happened the day iWork ’08 was announced! I love coming here for the Mac news, and I am a huge Apple fan, but some of the comments MDN makes about stories are generally very irritating.

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