A moment of silence for the Apple key

Apple’s new iMac keyboards have done away with the Apple key (or “Open Apple Key”) in what seems to presage the fate of all Apple keys on Mac keyboards. Although a few days have passed, we wouldn’t feel right without observing a moment of silence:

See Apple’s new keyboards, sans Apple logo on the Command Key, here.

MacDailyNews Note: We still hold a special place in our hearts for the “Closed Apple Key.”

Removing the Apple from the Command key makes sense from Apple’s perspective, as it would only help further ease the minds of nervous potential switchers – “Uhh, what’s that ‘weird” key?” You can bet they hear that in the Apple Retails Stores pretty often. (The new key still has the “splat” on it (thankfully), but adds the word “command.”) Still, we wish that Apple would to give us Mac users an optional key with the Apple on it!

The very first Macs, by the way, didn’t have an “Apple” on the Command key. Macs began featuring the Apple logo on the key in 1986.

Two a Day explains “Why the Apple/Command Key Finally Lost Its Apple” here.


  1. To @Karma (Dogma):

    No, it’s not the grammar. It’s the spelling of “easy”.

    “It’s to easy your migration.” should be “It’s to ease your migration.”

    Now please STFU, asshole. You just missed the last homeroom bell.

  2. @Karma and Dogma

    Both of you are idiots. It is not incorrect grammar or spelling. It is an incorrect use of a word. Easy was spelled right, it was just not the right word to use. So both of you STFU.

  3. for a hard core mac it will be always the Apple key … who needs to translate that to windows dictionary …. let them to adapt to Apple world … next they will put the HD and recycle bin at the left side and all the crap from windows world

  4. “next they will put the HD and recycle bin at the left side and all the crap from windows world”

    And soon they’ll start using a lot of transparency in the UI and a green grassy looking background.

    One day, I even predict that Apple will ship software for the Mac which turns it into a standard Windows PC.

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