Apple triggering iPhone updates via EDGE?

“Earlier today, a fascinating thing happened. iPhone owners across the country gained a new function without applying any software or firmware updates. The function in question is ‘Send to Web Gallery,’ a button that appears in the Camera and Photos applications when clicking the share button (lower left corner when viewing a photo), and did not exist for any iPhone owner (that we know of) prior to today. The button links with new .Mac iPhone integration functionality that allows photos to be sent directly from the iPhone to the new ‘Web Gallery’ function,” iPhone Atlas reports.

Triggered via EDGE? A timed addition that came along hidden within iPhone Update 1.0.1?

More in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We can confirm that we have the “Send to Web Gallery” button now on our iPhones without applying any updates since iPhone Update 1.0.1 on July 31st.


  1. Makes you wonder what else they do or their Cisco *cough* NSA *cough* buddies do.

    Since the EFI based Mac’s came out, none of my machines that are connected to the internet have any sensitive data on them.

    It’s a shame you can’t trust the consumer product industry to respect your privacy or security anymore.

  2. This is the sort of thing that will convince non-Mac users to get on-board. People aren’t used to being treated well by a consumer electronics company, and free additional functionality certainly qualifies!

  3. yes they we are all in shock that Apple can add functionally

    without any inconvenience to the user whatsoever

    how? I don’t know, I don’t want to know how to hack my .dll file to add a basic function

    I just can confirm that once I installed the new istuff it all just worked as advertised

    customers are so used to having to think about their technology that JOBS is going to kick the crap out of these lazy companies who sell people frustration for a living

    I have never seen such a clear void between Apple and the competition.

    GO APPLE GO!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yea, that’s right. With the MDNresponder exploit, your Mac doesn’t even have to be connected to the internet for exploits to occur. It just needs to running the OS.

    I guess I need to get a tin foiled room to run my computers with sensitive and private data in.

    This is a absolute tragedy.

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