RUMOR: Apple to start new iMac pricing at US$1,199

“Apple will deliver three new iMac configurations Tuesday, priced at US$1,199, $1,499, and $1,799,” Think Secret reports.

“Based on the pricing information it is clear that Apple is simply cutting the 17-inch iMac out of the picture,” Think Secret reports.

The redesigned 20-inch iMac will start at $1,199 and the 24-inch iMac will start at $1,799, according to the Think Secret report.

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AppleInsider concurs, “According to one source, Apple has issued to suppliers three new iMac price points for models that are expected to be immediately available following their introduction on Tuesday.”

“Apple currently offers two 17-inch iMac configurations (for $999 and $1199, respectively), a 20-inch configuration for $1499, and a high-end 24-inch configuration for $1999. However, the new pricing information suggest Apple will drop one configuration and sell just three models at $1199, $1499 and $1799,” AppleInsider reports.

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MacRumors reports, “We’ve received word that price points for the new ‘Good,’ ‘Better,’ and ‘Ultra’ iMac models will fall at $1199, $1499, and $1799 price points. No details beyond this are available, and it does not exclude the possibility of other configurations.”

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Other possibilities for today’s Apple event (starts 10am PDT/1pm EDT) include a revamped .Mac service, the fate of the Mac mini, iLife, and even the possibility of an ultra-portable, lightweight MacBook Pro.


  1. Forget the lightweight macbook pro. It aint gonna happen, and the rumors are simply to set up disappointment for market players who are manipulating Apple, like asswipe Cramer.

  2. Why does everyone keep mentioning the fate of the mac mini. AI had an article a while ago, but it was all conjecture.

    The Mac mini doesn’t need refreshes as often. It is supposed to be a low-cost, low-power machine. This is perfect for consumers switching from Windows, and more importantly, schools switching from PC towers.

    I think the mini is around for a while.

  3. This would be fine as long as they have a high end Mini: something akin to the Mac LC II i.e. a Mac Mini in the normal silver form factor but larger width and depth with an easily removable cover (no pastry knifes!) and two PCI slots.

  4. Snore. Boring. Are you guys actually still brainwashed enough to buy these things? All-In-One computers are for grandmas.

    Where’s Leopard? Oh yeah, it had to wait for the iPhone.

  5. What is Holy Mackeral TALKING about ? ! ? ! ?
    “the normal silver form factor but larger width and depth …”
    Yes, Apple would do well to introduce a “Mac midi”, large enough to accept a graphics card, 4GB of RAM (or 8?), a second HD(?) and a fan, but all that ain’t gonna fit in the Mac mini form factor. Or it might leave half of a Mac Pro case sitting empty. This calls for a mini-tower, plain and simple.
    The suggested iMac line-up makes sense, the devil is in the details (except when he’s using an iPhone) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> and we’ll know in a little bit just what those details are.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page pod cast – featuring a reading from Partners.

  6. This could mean that a 17″ monitor will be introduced as an option for Mac Mini to make the combination cheaper than the cheapest Mac Mini. Or the 20″ monitor could drop in price.

  7. Yeah, let’s hear it for the Mac midi. Or the Half-Mac Pro. In a Mac IIcx/ci or Mac LC-like form factor.

    1/2 the size. 1/2 the slots. 1/2 the price of a Mac Pro.

    4 RAM slots, 2 PCI slots (1 for graphics card), 2 internal drive bays. 4 USB2, 2 FireWire 400,1 FireWire 800, 1 ExpressCard 34 slot (in front).

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