Report: Apple to debut 16GB flash-based video-capable iPod in September

“Apple is said to be about to unveil its NAND flash-based iPod video in late September, which may aggravate the currently observed NAND flash shortages, according to sources at Taiwan-based component makers,” Josephine Lien and Esther Lam report for DIGITIMES.

“The new iPod video will use NAND flash as the major storage media, and will have a storage density of 16GB, according to the sources,” Lien and Lam report.

Full article here.


  1. now, if we could find out if “bored retard” is a neocon or a tree hugger, we could get some real non mac posting heated up.

    Ahhh more hit whoring for mdn…

    16 gig of flash…

    why in my day, 20 meg was bigger than two bricks and the chord was too short to carry it around.

    You kids have easy.

  2. This doesn’t make much sense in the current context of the iPod line. Why would Apple create a 16GB flash, “video-capable” iPod? The only way they could do this is if they are also planning on updating the full-size iPod line as well. Apple traditionally has differentiated the iPod line using storage capacity, primarily, with the secondary differentiation coming from features.

    I can see a major update to the whole iPod line coming in October/early November and I see it looking something like this:

    – 2GB/4GB iPod shuffle (flash, screenless)
    – 8GB/16GB iPod nano (flash, capable of video now, still employing the clickwheel)
    – 40GB/100GB iPod (HD-based, iPhone minus phone capability)

    Apple likes this kind of differentiation in it’s products because a clear hierarchy is formed and there are clear advantages to purchasing the next product up the food chain. In short, what is now the 5.5 Gen. iPod will become the 3rd Gen. iPod nano, and the iPod itself will change into an iPhone (minus phone capabilities, and maybe a few other features). Where this leaves the iPhone, I don’t know.

    Plausible? Agree or disagree?


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