President Bush’s Senior Advisor Karl Rove confirmed Apple iPhone user (with image)

Presidential advisors Karl Rove and Josh Bolton confer as President George W. Bush visits the damage of the collapsed I-35W bridge in Minneapolis in a photo published Monday, Aug. 06, 2007 on TIME Magazine’s online “White House Photo Blog.” Rove is clearly using an Apple iPhone:

Larger image via TIME Magazine here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Joel:

    With respect, you’re out of your depth. Democrats are not communists. We’re well over half the people in the country, so it might prove worth your while to learn what we actually believe. We do far more to support competitive markets than Bush-style Republicans–who are more comfortable with cronyism and government giveaways for corporations than with letting innovation roll.

    Hence the ‘welfare’ for pharmaceutical companies built into the Medicare prescription drug benefit, the ‘welfare’ for private health-insurance companies built into ‘Medicare Advantage,’ the ‘welfare’ for oil companies in the form of billions in federal drilling subsidies at a time of record profits, and the welfare for Wal-Mart, at the cost of the states in which it operates, in the form of letting it underpay and abuse its workers so badly that a substantial proportion of them are literally on food stamps.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, Steve Jobs is a passionate Democrat, and somehow I doubt he is against successful companies, either.

    Anyway, good luck to you, there.

  2. @Huck…

    Well said… I have read all of your comments in this thread and appreciate your openness and integrity.

    Two things that are certainly lacking it the world today.

    Might I add that many people are Democrats or Republicans because they feel that no other party will actually make a difference. So, it is a compromise of which end of the table do you want to butter your bread. BUT it is the same table. Ask your self – are you pleased with the actions of the Democrats who were voted into office this last election?

    Why haven’t complete investigations been implemented regarding the truth about 9/11 (and it is out there); the lies and bullshit that has pulled the USofA into one of (if not, the most) expensive war in US military history; the amalgamated relationship between military arms manufacturing business and the pentagon and congress and the presidency: selling weapons TO ANYONE is the prime purpose of the warmongers in government (most governments on the planet, nowadays).

    Reread Eisonhower’s last address ot the nation. Read Kennedy’s last comments ot the press before he flew to Dallas – then you will know what this is really all about!

    Why is Bush et. al. so pissed at Iranand North Korea? BECAUSE they are cutting into their arms sales market! Think about it!

    Why hasn’t Pelosi done her job? Except she is now accepting calls from citizens regarding administration impeachments proceedings.

    Why? Because she knows that the proceedings will last longer than Bush has left in office!

    What is the solution, Mate?

    I don’t know – but I do know it is not Karl Rove using an iPhone (or not)
    (just to stay on topic)

    No matter what – Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzalas (the standard of truth! – Bush actually said Gonzalas has done nothing wrong) need to be impeached, kicked out of office and then they and Rumsfield need to take a trip to Belgium in a special airplane and sit in front of a global tribunal – be tried for war crimes – and hung like Sadam – so we can see them pissin’ and screaming on YouTube!

    Never happen – justice can be bought – just ask Libbey!

  3. To MuzoInOz:

    I am bitterly disappointed in the Congressional Democratic majority for one thing: effectively suspending the Fourth Amendment and making fishwrap of the Constitution, because of their battered-child-like fear of being attacked by Bush over terrorism, in the recent wiretapping bill. I don’t think they understand quite how much opinion in the country has changed as a result of Bush’s string of disasters.

    Otherwise, I think they’ve done a fantastic job of slowing down and starting to roll back that string of disasters. It is a huge relief to have them on the job. And I emphatically don’t think the two parties are the same. (The ‘Democratic Leadership Council’ is pretty much the same as the Republicans, but they’re very much in the wilderness now.)

    I think the Republicans have been radicalized by ‘movement conservatism’ to such an extent that they represent something more or less new in the American political experience, and quite frightening in its consequences. The contrast with the Democrats has never been clearer, so far as I can tell, or more in favor of Democrats.

    And I always bear in my mind the rhetoric and actions of Ralph Nader–who still won’t accept that the election of Al Gore, instead of Bush, would have set the country and the world on a profoundly different path. It would have, and the opting out from two-party politics of Nader and his fashionably disillusioned supporters is a big part of the reason that we now live in the nightmare world we do.

    In terms of impeachment, it would be insane to impeach Bush without impeaching Cheney, since Cheney would then become president; painful to impeach Cheney and let Bush give another Republican a leg up on the next election; and politically very, very awkward for Pelosi to lead a dual-impeachment drive that would result in her becoming president, as third in line.

    But you’re right, at bottom: I still think they should do it anyway, and impeach them both at once. I’m not sure it would work, but I am pretty sure (unlike the Democrats in Congress) that it couldn’t hurt to try. At a minimum there should be Congressional censure resolutions, and the only way I can explain the lack of them is that there are too many other things to do simultaneously to make that the centerpiece of the Democrats’ ‘legislative agenda,’ as they always say.

    I do hope we’ll see the Democratic majority in Congress get more assertive after August, as they realize just how upset most of us are at their caving on the surveillance bill.

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