President Bush’s Senior Advisor Karl Rove confirmed Apple iPhone user (with image)

Presidential advisors Karl Rove and Josh Bolton confer as President George W. Bush visits the damage of the collapsed I-35W bridge in Minneapolis in a photo published Monday, Aug. 06, 2007 on TIME Magazine’s online “White House Photo Blog.” Rove is clearly using an Apple iPhone:

Larger image via TIME Magazine here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. @ Huck

    “I don’t see apolitical as a safe or positive thing to be, when we’re discussing the effect of the Bush administration on this country. I think the point of citizenship in a democracy is to participate, have opinions, and get engaged.”

    Agreed there. But this is a Mac news forum. You’re not really likely to get reasoned socio-political debate here, nor should you expect to. The most we ever get here is a bunch of yelling back and forth.

    Also, I was not talking about the Bush administration, I was responding to someone’s comment about the slant of Fox News, to which I said that all news is slanted, and always will be, just as your opinion will lean one way and someone else’s will lean another way. I wasn’t making a judgment about news slant, nor did I even say whether I like or dislike Fox News. I was just trying to make a benign observation that I thought might calm the discussion a little, and got attacked for my effort.

    I’ll know better next time.

  2. @Huck

    “And please, in turn, don’t name-call.”

    I completely apologize for that. That was totally uncalled for when I myself abhor that in so many other people who post here. It’s been a crappy day (other than the new Apple stuff, yay!) and it was totally knee jerk on my part. And regular old jerk.

  3. Galloway: Not a problem. Peace.

    I do think the people who post in favor of the Republicans (like “Rush Hour,” just above–it would be hard to find a better example for my purpose), are often wilder, more inarticulate, and more . . . scatalogically enraged than the people who post on the other side. Just uglier-sounding, or more provocative–like Internet bullies, or Yahoos in the original sense. But maybe I am filtering out the name-calling that comes from people whose opinions I find more congenial.

    Still, I have to say that however comfortable it is to conclude such a thing, in the wider media marketplace (outside MacDailyNews), I don’t really believe that both sides are the same, or that the only problem we face is equal-and-opposite ‘anger’ or shrillness on both sides. I think the Republicans are truly, measurably worse, and less reality-based, and that their Fox-and-talk-radio “noise machine”–which got warmed up during the Clinton years, and found its purpose with the George W. Bush years–is genuinely a problem for reasoned public discourse in America. (Because I don’t think, at bottom, that they believe in it.)

    You might remember how much the media tsk-tsked at people who really, really, didn’t like Bush or his presidency right up until Katrina, calling them “Bush-haters” and treating their opinions as signs of some sort of derangement. (Or maybe, the pundits opined, they just didn’t like his accent, or something–anything but his actual policies!) The idea that Bush might really be doing a lot of important things in radically different ways from previous presidents was dismissed as silly. Now that nearly everybody except the excitable, super hardcore–and probably nonvoting–Republican ‘base’ dislikes him more or less equally, you don’t hear so much about that any more.

    Anyway, I am so pleased that I finally have an updated version of Pages to start using! And that I can download the trial version right away, even before the software package arrives in the mail. Good move, Apple.

  4. Why this hatred from the left. The guy bought a product he likes despite the fact that the company that developed it is owned by a proud Liberal and has one of the most obvious unhinged Leftists on its board.

    Conservatives (and Rove is hardly one given his open borders stance) buy products that work. The nemesis of the Left, Rush Limbaugh, being a good example of such a person. Limbaugh is probably the most outspoken cheerleader for Apple in all of celebritydom and he doesn’t care that Gore is on the board or that Apple is run by a Lib.

    Rove is Bush’s James Carville, the difference being that Rove doesn’t run a “war room” like Carville did during the Clinton years.

    By the way, to the person who called Rove an “idiot”, you keep using that word, I don’t think you know what it means

  5. @ Rove is just this guy:

    Equating Carl Rove with James Carville has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read here.

    I don’t recall ever reading about Carville’s efforts to suppress the vote, or Carville’s insistence on loyalty oaths or political litmus tests, or Carville bribing Supreme Court Justices with pictures of them fucking goats.

    Carville’s “war room” was centered on media relations and image control, unlike Rove’s “war room” which is centered on subverting democracy and the formation of a fascist, one-party state.

    You may now resume watching Fox “News,” dude. I wouldn’t want you to actually understand anything.

  6. Wow! That got hot tempered.

    Look your tax dollars at work. Actually, that more at work than the millions they are spending on IT to keep their systems secure.

    Al Gore has nothing to do with the current issues in this country. Well, maybe stricter CAFE regulations if you are GM, but really, the man has become a political activist, good for him.

    I may not agree with the Liberals on how to approach all the problems but the don’t scoff at scientific fact, the conservatives have to.

    The mess right now, Bush’s fault his leadership steered us into this Sh!t hole. One more year until we can try to dig ourselves out.

    Dissent is patriotic. Change is American.

    magic word : son : as in son of a b!tch politics is depressing right now

  7. After reading the comments from all the hate filled liberals who have posted, I’m surprised by how many of them are Mac fans. Considering the liberal goal of spreading misery around equally, I figured they would all be Windows users. I thought Apple was entirely too capitalist for them. I realize Libs tend to be elitist, which would steer them towards Macs, but Apple tends to charge a good deal of money for all of their products. I always thought Libs were against successful companies. After all, they sure do target Wal-Mart, oil companies, and pharmaceutical companies. I hope they don’t turn on Apple in the future and try to kill it with taxes and law suits.

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