Analyst expects new iMacs, possible ultra-portable MacBook Pro tomorrow

“A pair of new iMacs expected to be released by Apple Inc. on Tuesday should shift investor focus away from the early stages of iPhone sales and back onto the more significant story of the Mac market share growth, according to investment research firm Piper Jaffray,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘We believe Apple will introduce redesigned iMacs at a press event tomorrow,’ analyst Gene Munster wrote in a research note to clients on Monday morning,” Marsal reports.

“Munster also told clients that believes the new iMacs will shift investor focus away from the early stages of iPhone sales and back onto the more significant story of Mac market share growth,” Marsal reports. “‘A 13-inch MacBook Pro model featuring an ultra-portable, lightweight enclosure is also a possibility,’ he wrote.”

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Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet, “Munster and the stars are aligning in Apple’s favor for more share gains.”

“Munster adds two reasons why Mac sales are likely to remain strong: The industry is moving toward portables, which benefits Apple. OS X is being refreshed and introduced to users via the iPhone and most likely the iPod,” Dignan reports.

“I’d add a few more. Macs are speedier on the Intel platform and it’s easy to keep Windows running on a Mac if you’re so inclined. In many respects a Mac is a two-fer. And the biggest reason for Mac success: Design matters and Apple is the best at it,” Dignan writes.

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  1. OK, about tuesday:

    Its a small, closed gathering. We will get the info shortly after, but with little Apple fanfare. So, why is everyone going bananas and thinking that “everything under the sun” is going to be announced.

    My guess is it will be more like policy announcements, joint venture issues, that sort of thing.

    We will see shortly. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN word
    “horse” as in trojan horse??????:-)

  2. I luuuv my 12″ powerbook.

    And on hols in Argentina at present and using this on wifi in hotel…great little device for travelling.

    Give the big PowerMac at home though any day.

    So I think an ultr portable is still needed, whether it will arrive is another question.

  3. M$ and their 3rd party cronies have already learned that a buildup of possibilities will lead to high expectation s and then disappointment if Apple doesn’t pull them out of the hat. The short-term sheep day traders will remain ignorant and the long-termers will just sit and wait for 200.

  4. The 12″ PowerBook would have sold better had it been a TRUE PowerBook and not a repackaged iBook. Compared to the iBook, it wasn’t a good value.

    I doubt there will be a new MacBook. A new iMac is more likely.

    I tend to think that because this is not going to be a big splashy media event, it’s unlikely to be anything earthshattering like a completely revamped iMac or ANYthing. Updates and speed bumps. Maybe an announcement for Leopard’s release?

    MDN Magic Word: nuclear.
    WTF? I always thought it was nucular

  5. Hey someone answer this for me:

    Why doesn’t Apple give away Mac OS X upgrades for free? Think about it. They make money on their computers right? Right now there are a number of people waiting to purchase a computer until 10.5 come out. Why not promise free upgrades to everyone so they can rest assured they can purchase now and still have the best experience in October?

  6. I can’t wait to see if they are going to update the 15″ MacBook Pro at all? I was about to buy one, but thought I better wait to be sure it wasn’t being replaced. I’m guessing not since it was updated not too long ago, but you never know!

  7. i’m with the rest… no ultra powerbook. I also think that the Mac mini will see the end of its life but be reincarnated into the appleTV. That would be enough for me to finally buy one then.

  8. The new iMacs will come; I’m glad cuz I’m being gifted one by my ladyfriend. Not sure about the ultra-thin notebook, at least not for tomorrow. I do think they’re working on one, though.

    The expandable headless Mac that fills the gap between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro had a name: it was called the Cube! Only it wasn’t expandable, the case cracked on some, and it was (way) over-priced at the time. Does anybody else besides me think it’s extremely significant that Steve put a cube design at the entrance of the flagship Apple Store? Viva la Cube!

    Oh, and Apple, don’t kill the Mini; just upgrade the sucker to C2D so the entire product line is 64-bit.

    Peace. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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