Analyst expects new iMacs, possible ultra-portable MacBook Pro tomorrow

“A pair of new iMacs expected to be released by Apple Inc. on Tuesday should shift investor focus away from the early stages of iPhone sales and back onto the more significant story of the Mac market share growth, according to investment research firm Piper Jaffray,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘We believe Apple will introduce redesigned iMacs at a press event tomorrow,’ analyst Gene Munster wrote in a research note to clients on Monday morning,” Marsal reports.

“Munster also told clients that believes the new iMacs will shift investor focus away from the early stages of iPhone sales and back onto the more significant story of Mac market share growth,” Marsal reports. “‘A 13-inch MacBook Pro model featuring an ultra-portable, lightweight enclosure is also a possibility,’ he wrote.”

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Larry Dignan blogs for ZDNet, “Munster and the stars are aligning in Apple’s favor for more share gains.”

“Munster adds two reasons why Mac sales are likely to remain strong: The industry is moving toward portables, which benefits Apple. OS X is being refreshed and introduced to users via the iPhone and most likely the iPod,” Dignan reports.

“I’d add a few more. Macs are speedier on the Intel platform and it’s easy to keep Windows running on a Mac if you’re so inclined. In many respects a Mac is a two-fer. And the biggest reason for Mac success: Design matters and Apple is the best at it,” Dignan writes.

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  1. Predicting a new iMac is like predicting that your bottle of Aquafina will be contain water.

    This hope of an ultraportable Mac has been going on for many moons, and I doubt we’ll see one tomorrow. A 13″ MacBook Pro would eat into MacBook territory (there’s really not a huge difference that separates the models anyway) and the 12″ PowerBook G4 was not a big seller (although I own one and love it).

    I would look for a newly designed Mac Mini over an ultraportable Mac.

  2. One thing I’ve learned about Apple predictions is to never say never.

    I’ve gotten virtual egg on my face many times by saying that Apple would never do this, or that Apple would do that.

    I would never make my livelyhood making predictions.

    MDN word: can. Just because you can make a prediction, doesn’t mean you should.

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