Timex Ironman iControl sports watch offers wireless control of Apple iPod, iPhone

Timex has unveiled the iControl watch, an advanced sports watch that also serves as a wireless operating device for Apple’s iPod. The iControl also works with Apple’s iPhone when the phone is in airplane mode.

The newest addition of Timex’s Ironman collection, the iControl wirelessly syncs with a user’s iPod for convenient music control during any activity. Equipment designed to work with a body in motion, iControl is lightweight and water-resistant.

“The days of fumbling for your iPod in mid-stride are over,” said Heberto Calves, Vice President of Sports Marketing, in the press release. “iControl offers cutting edge technology and contemporary design, in addition to the functional quality and durability people have come to expect from Timex.”

iControl remains true to the sports functionality of the Timex Ironman watch, and includes the following features:

• iPod controls : Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Track Forward/Back
• 50-lap memory recall chronograph
• Training log stores current workout with date, best lap and average lap
• Multi-mode countdown timer
• 2 interval timers for speed and endurance training
• 3 customizable alarms for daily, weekday and weekend settings
• INDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature
• 3-year battery life
• 100m water resistance

The iControl watch is available at www.timex.com and www.apple.com, as well as sporting goods stores and department stores across the U.S. It is offered in combinations of gray and black, as well as pink, blue, orange and green and retails for $125.


  1. torchwood,

    What part of…

    It is offered in combinations of gray and black, as well as pink, blue, orange and green.

    …didn’t you understand?

    I swear to God, mankind’s thwarting of natural selection will be the undoing of us all.

    Some people may think Idicracy is a comedy, but it’s really a prescient warning of the coming calamity.

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