EDN’s look inside Apple’s iPhone shows quite impressive accomplishments

“Compare the iPhone [disassembly] imagery to that of the Compaq iPaq 3835, which was the subject of my Nov. 23, 2006 Prying Eyes piece,” Brian Dipert reports for EDN (formerly Electrical Design News).

“Now consider that the iPhone integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM cellular data and voice, along with a position sensor, none of which the iPaq provides, along with a much more powerful CPU and substantially more nonvolatile and volatile memory. Finally, realize that the iPhone’s form factor is almost 3× smaller in total volume than that of the iPaq 3835 (in fairness, I should point out that the iPaq 3835’s screen is 0.25-in. wider than that of the iPhone, although the two LCD’s lengths are identical),” Dipert reports.

“After digesting this data, you’ll likely walk away quite impressed, as I was, with the accomplishments of Apple’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams, as well as with the integration accomplishments of Apple’s various semiconductor suppliers,” Dipert reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “KingMel” for the heads up.]


  1. Gawd, I just love it when posters like “Partial” (referring to his hemispherectomy, no doubt) use the phrase “the Enterprise.”

    It reminds me of those effete students of “the Dance” we used to stuff into garbage cans in high school and college.

  2. I prefer to think that the number one ‘feature’ of any device is usability, and in this area, it means any device Apple makes will have at least one feature that is far better than anyone else’s.

  3. “The Enterprise.”

    Where does one begin?

    The best employer in the US is self-employment. In declining order are companies of increasing size.

    Remember Einstein: “Everything that is great is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”

    The Enterprise. Geez.

  4. ok, so I got censored… how about, “watching this page load is like watching paint dry”? Not as colorful as the original, but the sentiment is the same…

    Randian, great use of the word “hemispherectomy’, by the way. Awful hard to work that on into conversation – kudos

  5. Partial List:

    Uh, my iPhone turns the screen on automatically and displays either my wallpapers screen or a photo of the caller, if I have set one. What more do you need? Just don’t lay if face down.

    The iPhone is not a fad, it’s the future direction of phones. Just wait 3-4 years to see the Microsoft product is touting that is not as complete as today’s iPhone.

  6. @ Randian… while a whole-heartedly agree with your medical assessment of Partial, the part about stuffing other kids into garbage cans kinda blew it.

    On topic… I was visiting the parents the other day, and my technologically-challenged mother was quite surprised at my iPhone’s heft. There’s obviously a lot of cool stuff packed into that small space.

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