Apple to first launch iPhone in ‘major’ European countries later this year

“Apple will unleash its iPhone into the European market during the fourth quarter of 2007. But, it seems not all European consumers will be granted access to the so-called must-have gadget this side of Christmas,” James Sherwood reports for Reg Hardware.

“The handset, which launched in the US on 29 June, will initially appear in a few ‘major’ European countries, but the company hasn’t named which countries,” Sherwood reports.

“Apple’s iPhone sales strategy, with as yet unnamed European partners, will also be annouced later in the fourth quarter. However, Asia and those European countries not deemed ‘major’ by it will not officially receive the handset until 2008,” Sherwood reports.

“The long awaited European announcement was made by Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer yesterday during a conference call to discuss its third quarter financial results,” Sherwood reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: For what it’s worth – and it might give some indication of where Apple’s initial interests lie – Apple launched their iTunes Store in Europe first in the UK, France and Germany in June 2004. Four months later, in October 2004, Apple launched iTunes Store in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain (Canada followed two months later in December 2004). Five months after that, in May 2005, came Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland (Japan followed in August and Australia in October 2005 and New Zealand in December 2006). Of course, keep in mind that music licensing agreements affected and/or dictated the iTunes Store launch dates.


  1. @ MacB

    No it doesn’t suck as then you’ll have a much more enhanced version released onto the Dutch market right at the start. Plus the price might be less then the US first launch for an iPhone.

    @ Shiva

    The above poster wasn’t very helpful…after all this is an MDN thread!

    So try here and post your problem and you may have to register first:

  2. Only a matter of time and iPhone technology should be shared with its competition, allowed to be opened, and given away for free.

    Daily fines by the EU Commission will be dolled out to Apple because Monaco and Portugal will not have the iPhone by 2009. Never mind no carrier wanted to support in those markets, this is Apples’ fault and people have a “right” to the iPhone. That’s it, a right, not a privelage, but a right!

    Suzane Luchi (sp), stop the insanity!

  3. Exactly what I feared. I do not think this is about 3G or EDGE but more about carrier-retributions and not being able to get that cashflow-stream in some countries.

    In Belgium, you cannot link a phone to a carrier. This probably means that the iPhone will not come to Belgium. Apple does not want iPhones without a carrier, because every other European would come and shop for these instead of their local fixed phones.

    Really unfortunate, because Belgians are used to pay outrageous prices for not even smartphones. What Apple obviously could do with non-fixed phones is put a price on them that would compensate for the loss of carrier-retributions, and make them less interesting for foreigners. That would probaly mean that iPhones in Belgium will get really really expensive.

    Hmm, I so hope I am wrong.

    How many other countries have this problem?

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