Apple delivers new Mac OS X Leopard seed (with link to images)

“Apple seeded developers this week with the first new builds of Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X Server 10.5 since its Worldwide Developers Conference in early June,” Think Secret reports. “Build 9A499 is a 6.9GB download for Mac OS X, and 6.3GB for Mac OS X Server.”

“Detailed release notes are not available for the new builds, but sources have passed on preliminary notes and screenshots,” Think Secret reports. “Numerous visual improvements are included in build 9A499. Among those, the new dock features a new separation graphic resembling a crosswalk, as opposed to the simple line seen in previous versions of Mac OS X.”

“The System Preferences icon has also seen a refresh for the first time ever, and now resembles the Settings icon used in the iPhone,” Think Secret reports. “Other changes in the new build include a revamped Users & Groups browser, built-in support for Google Talk in iChat, new view options in iChat, and additional options when right-clicking on the Finder icon in the dock.”

Full article with images here.


  1. I guess ‘NDA’ doesn’t mean much to these guys.

    One way to beat the copycats is to keep innovating faster than they can copy and implement.

    By the time they make a copy, it’s already old hat and boring.

  2. The rounded corners on the menu bar in 10.5 didn’t sit well with me at first, but it’s growing on me.

    I hope the developers recognize the incorrect angle the Dock (shelf) is at, though. It needs to be laying even flatter to look right.

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