Nike+iPod Sport Kit runners log over 22 million miles in first year

Nike’s and Apple’s innovative Nike+ running experience combining music, personal coaching and fitness networking is revolutionizing the way people run, creating in its first year, the world’s largest online running destination at Nike+ runners have logged over 22 million miles on, the equivalent of completing more than 800,000 New York City marathons and burning off the calories of more than 5 million slices of pizza. New features being introduced this summer will enhance the experience even more, offering runners new ways to challenge each other and participate in “virtual” marathons.

“Nike+ is changing the running experience. It’s a great motivational tool to get people out for a run. It’s attracting and connecting thousands of new runners each day, with members from more than 160 countries,” said Trevor Edwards, Nike’s Vice President of Global Brand and Category Management, in the press release. “It started as a simple idea and has quickly become the world’s largest networking place for runners. Whether their goal is fitness, fun or a cause, runners of all levels are embracing Nike+ and to become part of a global running community.”

New functionality on, available this summer, will include a challenge feature that provides users with more options and enhanced customization tools. Users can choose their own challenge theme, set their own rules, and select the number of participants and team names. Now, they will be able to upload their own pictures to highlight their challenges on the homepage.

The Nike+ community is fueled through Nike Sport Music. Nike+ is inspiring runners by creating a growing collection of original ultimate running soundtracks. This new music content category is delivering unique mixes and expert coaching from the world’s best artists and athletes. Collaborations include original work from artists like The Crystal Method, OK Go and Aesop Rock. Nike Sport Music offerings are sold via the iTunes Store in 22 countries. As Nike+ usage continues to grow globally, more Nike Sport Music products are planned to keep the community running to new and inspirational beats.

Another new feature introduced this summer allows runners to participate in virtual marathons. For example, while the actual Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this October already is sold out, women can still run the race anywhere, by using Nike+ and participating online in the event. Other new features include the Nike+ Distance Club where runners need to achieve 100, 500, or 1000 miles to be initiated into the club, and a Weekly Poll added to the forums to learn more about our Nike+ users.

Launched last year in partnership with Apple, Nike+ lets your iPod nano talk to Nike+ enabled running shoes through the wireless Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Data on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on your nano and is easily downloaded through iTunes to users not only can track their own data, but also challenge others and participate in online forums.

MacDailyNews Note: 3 million miles in the first five months, means 19 million over the last seven months – exponential growth!


  1. 300 miles this week since February 2007. I LOVE the features and ease-of-use of this stuff.

    Another note, I sent user feedback to the Nike+ folks on a feature request, and I got a personal response asking me to contact them if I had future requests and encouraging me to keep using the product and website features. It was very nice!

    And yes, I also use the kit with non-Nike shoes, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try them… my Marware Relay armband and transmitter shoe pouch work GREAT.

  2. BingBong:
    it can only count the number of miles it takes you to walk from your couch to your fridge in the kitchen, how much calories you burned in the action, and the distance covered. You should just strap the Nike plus transmitter to your wrist so that it counts the distance, speed, calories burned, etc., every time you shove food in your mouth and raise up your hand to point the remote to the TV.

  3. Come on, man, when is the Nike+ for BIKERS coming out? It can’t be that difficult to integrate a bike computer and iPod together. I want to compete in a virtual tour de france with other cyclists (preferably without the doping scandals!)


  4. 1 – I have this with my Nano and just got an iPhone. I can’t believe people are complaining that it doesn’t work with the iPhone: do you really want to carry around a device the size of the iPhone in place of the tiny Nano??

    2 – It’s a great service and I love the functionality but MAN that nikeplus website is WAY too flashy (literally) and overly designed. Slow as heck even on a fast connection

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