Dvorak finally uses a Mac: recommends Mac to friends and neighbors

“Oh horrors. Dvorak is using a Mac,” John Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “An iMac (with a second screen so I [don’t] look like a complete schlub). Hey, I figured since I’m known for ragging on the Mac all the time, I may as well speak from some experience, right? It’s been a couple of months now, so I thought I’d report what I think about the platform from a user’s perspective—specifically, from a PC user’s perspective.”

MacDailyNews Take: In other words, for decades prior, Dvorak spoke of Mac with no experience.

“First of all, the machine is not half bad. It’s very quiet, and it performs as well as the PC on general office applications. Generally speaking, the interface is slicker than the PC’s, and you get the sense that the computer isn’t about to start acting weird because of some virus, spyware, or endless Firefox loading procedure going on in the background and killing all the cycles of the computer,” Dvorak writes.

MacDailyNews Take: “Not half bad?” That’s the understatement of the year so far. Here are just a few reviews of Apple’s iMac:

Mossberg’s fall computer buyer’s guide: Apple iMac the best consumer desktop computer on the market – October 26, 2006
• Orlando Sentinel: Apple’s 24-inch iMac versatile, seamless, makes working with multimedia a breeze – October 15, 2006
Computeractive review: Apple iMac 24-inch Intel Core 2 Duo (5 out of 5 stars) – September 20, 2006
Crave at CNET: Apple’s gorgeous 24-inch iMac should tempt you to switch – September 07, 2006
Fortune: Apple improves what were already two of best computers on planet with iMac, MacBook Pro – March 14, 2006
Apple iMac the finest, most reliable, stable, elegant and intuitive personal computer available – February 14, 2006
InfoWorld: Apple perfects the desktop personal computer with new iMac Core Duo – January 25, 2006

Dvorak continues, “Other than that, I cannot see much of a difference between the Mac and PC.”

MacDailyNews Take: John’s abject myopia is wholly unsurprising. “The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a ‘mouse.’ There is no evidence that people want to use these things.” – John C. Dvorak, Feb 1984

Dvorak continues, “[The Mac] runs the same old applications (more or less), and it gets the job done, albeit somewhat more elegantly. The processes for some things, such as burning CDs, seem convoluted to me. I’m not a fan of some of the navigational concepts. And I have one USB key that the Mac refuses to recognize for some unknown reason. But these are not deal-breakers.”

MacDailyNews Take: Windows is an upside-down and backwards poorly-faked Mac. It takes time to break bad Windows habits. Dvorak’s are so deeply ingrained that “a couple of months” might as well be a millisecond; there isn’t enough time in the universe for him.

“I sense that the OS is more solid than Microsoft Windows, but I cannot say why exactly. I suspect that the modern underpinnings of the Unix kernel have something to do with it. I have no plans to move to the Mac platform for my personal use,” Dvorak writes. “That said, I have noticed that I’ve been recommending the machine to friends and neighbors when they want to know what kind of system they should buy… I have to think to myself, ‘Should I recommend something that will come back to haunt me, or recommend a Mac with its higher price but lower hassle factor?’ The answer is simple. I hate the idea of having to do customer service for people who cannot keep their systems clean, and that’s most people.”

MacDailyNews Take: Dvorak has no plans to move to the Mac platform for his personal use because that would be the logical move. Instead, he’ll illogically continue with the extra hassle of a less solid, less usable, less elegant Windows PC. Stockholm Syndrome is brutal to witness.

Dvorak continues, “The way I see it is that the differences between the Mac and the PC that really matter are minor. The big exception is the usability factor. And, in the end, that’s probably what the majority of users care about. Yes, it’s a sad day for the Mac bashers.”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

MacDailyNews Take: We post this article at the request of too many readers to mention individually, not because Dvorak’s opinion of the Mac matters a whit. Dvorak’s “it’s a sad day for the Mac bashers” comment belies his inflated perception of himself, and while “inflated” is an entirely appropriate description of John, nobody should care what the irrelevant hit-whore Dvorak thinks about the Mac. Positive or negative, he has no credibility or integrity; he’s just trolling for page views, as usual.

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  1. > “The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a ‘mouse.’ There is no evidence that people want to use these things.”

    Did he really say that in 1984? When I read that before on previous MDN takes, I always thought it was a joke.

  2. My dogs are sleeping with the cats

    My roosters are sitting on eggs

    The rabbits are chasing foxes

    And no matter what he does, or says, or writes

    Dorkvat will always have his head up his ass

    Bless his heart, he SHOULD stay with Windows

    Hate the thought of him being on ‘our side’

    Would force us to re-think how to Think Different™


    (thought about doing a whole bit on him finally ‘coming out of the closet’, but he was only peeking through a crack in the door, then quickly ducked back in … oh well)

  3. @.-estimations-. You must stop posting to MDN.

    Besides I like it when my Mac, Bella Edna, I call her mollycoddles me, often with a nice cuppa tea and a plate of biscuits in the arvo, a shoulder rub every now n’ then or even a subtle word of advice, passed on with care, affection and WISDOM. Sure, I like the cosseting, that’s why I buy Macs.

    .-estimations-. you must do as you’re told!!

  4. Big John used to be a Mac pundit. He has always used Macs.

    His trolling for hits even pre-dates the internet. His first target was letters to the magazine he worked for praising or flaming his outrageous articles. He went from everyone’s favorite Mac writer to everyone’s most hated Mac writer in a matter of months. The hatred was so bad that the parent company moved him from a Mac magazine to a PC magazine because they were taking a big circulation hit.

    Oh, one other thing. He hates Steve Jobs. He sunk a big part of his nest-egg into the Be OS thinking that Be OS was the best option and Apple would have to buy it. He thought he would make a lot of money on the deal. Apple bought Next and they threw in Steve Jobs for an extra $1 a year. Be OS became worthless overnight and John lost his shirt and his pants. Eeewww!

    He has blamed Steve and Apple for his stupidity ever since.

  5. Yes, it’s a sad day for the Mac bashers

    Indeed, this is the closest to admitting Dvorak has been an myopic idiot, always spouting bullshit from no direct experience of the Mac exactly like all other moronic, idiotic assholes still present and spouting nonsense about the Mac on a daily base.

    Just use it MORON, then tell me if you can say something bad.

    Dvorak, you just popped out your fatty head off your fatty ass.

    You saw the light for a second, you’ll be back in your ass in no time too. I really want you to stay on Windows, you deserve the pain. Dvorak: an asshole revealed.

  6. Ah, leave the old man alone, you might accidently trip his walking stick and cause him to fall. Then we all would be blamed.

    Maybe he is confusing his Mac to a Windows box, after all he was the one claiming that Apple is switching to Windows.

  7. ken1w:
    “The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a ‘mouse.’ There is no evidence that people want to use these things.”

    “Did he really say that in 1984? When I read that before on previous MDN takes, I always thought it was a joke.”

    He really wrote that. I don’t remember a retraction.

    More from wiki:
    “In 1984 he famously criticized Apple’s inclusion of a mouse with their computers, saying “There is no evidence that people want to use these things.” In 1999, he ridiculed the iBook as “‘girly’”,[6] saying, “It looks too juvenile— something a kid, a little girl, would like. Something you’d get at Toys ‘R’ Us.” For this he was slammed not only by Mac aficionados, but also by female computing pundit Janelle Brown for reinforcing gender stereotypes. In 2005, he suggested that recent good press about Apple was due to media bias, writing “With 90 percent of the mainstream writers being Mac users, what would you expect?” He later predicted that Apple would release a Video iPod in spite of Steve Jobs’ denials, suggested that the Mac brand should be discontinued, predicted that Apple would switch to Intel chips, and suggested that Apple might be switching over to Windows and abandoning their Mac OS to save money.[7]
    On 9 June 2006, he explained to Dave Winer that he would bait Mac users in order to increase traffic to his website.[8]”

  8. He really isn’t too bright is he?

    For example he finishes with usability as the key difference, but in the previous paragraph says he’ll recommend it to people because it causes less hassle.

    So John, the reality is it is more useable, more reliable, more elegant, less hassle, more solid and with a slicker interface.

    Sounds to me like he has such a massive case of Stockholm Syndrome he will never in a million years relieve himself of all Windows’ shortcomings.

    Good one John ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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