Report: Quanta gets order from Apple for new iPhone models

“Quanta Computer Inc., one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of cell phones, is said to have acquired orders from the U.S.-based Apple Computer for assembling new models of iPhone cellphones,” Ben Shen reports for China Economic News Service.

Shen reports, “To meet the upcoming introduction of the new models of Apple iPhone cellphones, domestic PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers are preparing materials for conducting mass production.”

“It is expected that the new models of iPhone cellphones will be introduced sometime in the fourth quarter of this year,” Shen reports.

Full article here.


  1. What do you think what the new model iPhone would be?

    Probally one that will be so much better that it will piss off the hundreds of thousands of early adopters of the first model ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    I’m so glad I waited for R2 iPhone.

    1: More secure.

    2: 3G capacity.

    3: GPS.

    4: User replaceable battery.

    5: Frigging laser beams on their heads.

    6: More secure.

  2. They’re just assuming it’s an iPhone b/c it’ll use a similar interface and control scheme. Logically it’s the 6G true video iPod. Though I’m not sure it’s Quanta or FoxConn who has traditionally been contracted for these.

  3. It could be a Nano version that has everything EXCEPT the Interweb stuff and e-mail. Basically a really cool phone/ipod combo.

    MDN MW: “color” As in they will probably come in many colors.

  4. @Smarty Pants

    Man, I’m right there with you. I just received my MPB 17″ (Santa Rosa) and, like you, am reveling in wisdom and insight.

    I’m SO GLAD I didn’t buy a “Fat Mac” back in 1984!

    (P.S. You give “supercilious” a bad name.)

  5. @ Randian

    Apple has habit of releasing a new product only to upstage it substancially a short time later.

    People tend to feel cheated when this occurs.

    The classic example is the Dual 1.8 Ghz PowerMac G5’s which came out only weeks after the Single 1.8 ghz Powermac’s debuted. For a few hundred dollars more, one could have gotten TWICE the computing power and many times more the longevity over the single processor model.

    Sooo… when the wise old Apple buyers tell you to wait a bit, they tell you from experience.

    Revision 2 of the iPhone is definatly in the works, because Apple now has a better understanding of what the market wants, AT&T has now realized the $$ potential of this device and will be applying more efffort to upgrade their network.

    The first generation of iPods were functional, but lame. Look at the iPods now.

    Revision 2 of the iPhone will be SOOOO much better and less buggy, more secure, more features etc.

    Of course if you need one now, get one. But if you wait until the product stabilizes, you’ll get a much better device for your money.

  6. @ EvangelizeWithRespect

    I have added to the bottom of my /etc/hosts file to make my computer ignore a lot of the ad/marketing/click stuff this site and others generates in order to load pages faster. But this still is substancially slower than any other site. It takes a few minutes regardless.

    If your familiar with the Pico editor in Terminal, have sudo access and can download the text file on the web page (mvps dot org) if you google for “hosts file” and paste in in at the bottom. You should see a remarkable difference.

    Play safe and backup first.

  7. @doc

    Yea, a frigging laser beams projector so you can sit down at a table, support the iPhone in your one hand and with the other tap away on the screen while watching a screen projection on the nearby wall/portable screen/back of a airline seat, etc.

    The annoying thing about touch screens is your big hands get in the way of seeing what your touching. One tends to constantly touch the wrong thing.

    Good thing it’s not sexualy harrasement, yet. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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