Houston Chronicle: 30-days with Apple iPhone and still impressed

“I’m closing in on 30 days as an iPhone user and am still impressed,” Bob Levitus reports for The Houston Chronicle.

“For the past few weeks, I’ve forwarded all of my calls to the iPhone and have used it as my one and only phone all day and night, every day and night,” Levitus reports.

“The built-in Safari Web browser is terrific. When the TV commercials tell you iPhone offers the real Internet, they’re not kidding. Most Web sites work perfectly and are easy to navigate and read… My experience is that while Net access is slower over Edge than Wi-Fi, it’s still quite usable. Sure I’d love to see faster Edge access, but I find it perfectly usable as is,” Levitus reports.

“Though I rarely buy a first-generation hardware product and I had no intention of buying a first-generation iPhone, after living with this review unit for almost a month, I can’t imagine living without one. So when the review unit goes back to Apple, I’m buying one. Case closed,” Levitus reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Hank H.” for the heads up.]


  1. Once again, class: is Apple a growth story?

    Yes, Ms. Crabtree, it is.

    Class, does Apple have 6% and growing of the PC market, 80% of the DAP market, and a chunk (and growing) of the smart(er)phone market?

    Yes, Ms. Crabtree, it does.

    Class, does volatility on a strong company’s stock price better reflect it real-world weakness or strategic maneuvering of the market?

    The latter, Ms.Crabtree.

    Good, class. Now let’s move on to global politics and why nations get nervous when others are resolute…

    MW “what” as in “?”

  2. “I couldn’t imagine G.W. as the President before he was elected or after. And I mean that literally.”

    What the hell does George Washington have to do with Houston?
    That is soooo 18th century……

  3. About Face: “Face, shouldn’t that be:

    “The people get the government they don’t vote for.”?”

    Actually, there’s truth in what both of you are saying. However, if our spineless representatives won’t do anything about the current mafia-in-chief, and we don’t vote him or her out regardless of political party, then we get what we deserve.

    MW: Get “involved”

  4. There’s a reason why there’s little political change in this country. It’s because you FLAMING IDIOTS waste your time COMPLAINING ABOUT POLITICS ON MDN instead of going out there and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Yes, children. You get the government you deserve.

    Part of change is being aware, and the truth is that Bush will be gone in 2008 regardless of however many write-in ballots he gets.

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