Zillow real estate listings site now compatible with Apple’s Safari browser

“We’ve been working long and hard to get our web application compatible with the Safari browser, so we’re pleased to announce that Safari users can finally use Zillow by downloading the beta of Safari 3.0,; David Golightly, UX Developer reports via Zillow Blog. “Sorry for the delay!”

“A lot of users have asked us why it’s taken us so long. That’s a good question, and I can assure you that it’s not without good reason. Zillow is interested in developing innovative techniques for organizing and presenting a huge volume of information, and in doing, so we’re pushing browsers to their limits. When Zillow was originally launched, back in February 2006, we were using technologies offered by Internet Explorer and Firefox, but Safari had not yet developed those capabilities (specifically, XSLT support in Javascript),” Golightly reports.

“To get Zillow running on Safari on your Mac (and now Windows!) users can upgrade their Safari browser to version 3 (beta), which supports the Zillow site. The official launch of Safari 3.0 should roll out by October, for those of you who are willing to wait,” Golightly reports. “Thanks for your patience!”

Zillow.com is here.

Safari 3.0.2 Public Beta for Mac and Windows download link here.


  1. Unfortunately the real estate business is very dependent on micro$oft software. I don’t know how that happened, but most realtors know very little about computers so I guess “experts” set up most of what we use . Most mls’ are windows only. The weird thing is, the public site on the mls I use works with macs with no problem. But not the realtor only part, I have to use the Citrix ICA client to use it on my mac. Very annoying at times. But it getting better slowly.

  2. Does not work for me either and I have Safari 3. (which is great, by the way)

    I was in real estate for 4 years. There are many real estate listing sites out there, so it will be a one at a time process taking years.

    Also, most of the web based sites are intended for consumer use and are different from what the real estate boards use, most of which were created with Microsoft’s “help.”

    The sites used by the real estate boards have all the listing information, and use much more highly developed relational database information which allow for more sophisticated information sorting and reporting than what the public will want to deal with. What they want is where the home is located, the price, the number of bedrooms, square footage, but not much more. In other words, the quick condensed version.

    If you as an agent tell your real estate board that the application that they buy (they never develop their own) does not meet web standards, it will have no effect, because they have invested 25 times too many dollars in the package that they have and would have to have the votes of a majority of hundreds of board members to change.

    I just gave up and ran Virtual PC which did quite well, actually.

    Don’t bother coming back with the crap about how business people are stupid and all that. Some are, but no higher a percentage than the people who post to this board. If Apple had been friendly to business in the early days, it would all be different. Business people are your friends and neighbors, not some odd species who live in a different world from you.

    The last couple of years give me more hope than ever, though, that things could change,

  3. have you noticed that MDN deletes the comments that they don’t like?
    what about free speech?!

    MDN users: if they delete this comment too, please try to point it out.


  4. hey, “eh”…

    deleted or edited comments/posts depend on the sensibilities of who’s moderating at the time. a few years ago someone at MDN edited or deleted some of my posts as soon as i submitted them but when i made similar posts later in the day they stayed. can be a bit frustrating. but it’s not nearly as bad as CNET.
    chances are… this will disappear too.

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