First Lady Laura Bush presents U.S. National Design Award to Apple’s Jonathan Ive at White House

“The National Design Awards were presented at the White House yesterday to 10 top designers and architects, including the company that developed Photoshop, and a man partly responsible for the iPod,” Jacqueline Trescott reports for The Washington Post. “Laura Bush told the audience in the East Room that it was a day to remember ‘design’s ability to influence the way we live.'”

Trescott reports, “She said the ‘union of form and function has changed the way we peel potatoes and brush our teeth. Your design has made it more fun to go back in time and play oldies on our iPods and to really go back in time by doctoring our photos on Photoshop.'”

“The awards are sponsored by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, a New York arm of the Smithsonian Institution,” Trescott reports.

“Adobe Systems, the creator of Photoshop, Acrobat and Dreamweaver software, received the corporate achievement award,” Trescott reports. “The product design award was given to Jonathan Ive, the senior vice president of industrial design at Apple. Products under his supervision include the iMac, iBook and iPod.”

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  1. “There is a Lady with elegant taste!

    She knows a good thing when she sees one!!”

    Oh, I don’t know about that. After all, she married George, didn’t she?

    (Easy, cheap shot, I know, but I just could not resist.)

  2. Are we witnessing yet another new MDN advertising scam? TWICE now I’ve clicked on links to separate articles and get a blank screen with ‘please take time to visit our sponsor’ and some file appearing to load.

    Is MDN’s first priority to supply Apple news – or to make as much money as it can… and by whatever dubious means it can get away with – from advertising?

    Should “Think before you click®” now apply to ALL MDN links – because of MDN’s greed?

    MW: ‘Consider’ Hmmmm.

  3. @ Beryllium, She IS the first Lady, isn’t she? regardless of what ever potshots people take at her, SHE is the first Lady.

    She knows a good thing when she sees one, that is why SHE is th efirst Lady. Congratulations to her!

    @ wotsisname. Yes his name is Mr. Ive, Jonathan Ive. Considering the name you christened yourself, is it any wonder everyone & everything doesn’t make sense to you? I wonder if you have even understood what I have just said, tired as you are, go see a doctor, you are probably surffering from MS

  4. Twenty Benson,

    So, what are MDN’s costs, genius?

    Whatever “realistic” and “Drawing the Line” mean to you, let me assure you that nobody else gives a shit (Zune).

    The reason this site is free is because it is advertiser supported.

    If you don’t like it, shut up and take a fscking hike.

  5. Seeing as 90% of the ads on MDN are for Apple, I think I can live with it.

    I’ve found that most anti-advertising people are idiots who can’t grasp simple economic principles.

    Anyone who thinks MDN is getting rich has never run a website of any significance.

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