MSNBC: Apple iPhone proves it can go the distance as an all-in-one device

“My dream gadget: A handheld device powerful enough to let me leave my notebook computer home and still get things done on a weekend trip without too much difficulty. By ‘things’ I mean getting real work done — writing, e-mail, Web browsing, making and receiving phone call,” Joe Hutsko reports for MSNBC.

“I shut off the computer and made a pact to spend the next week or so using the iPhone for my day-to-day e-mail and Web browsing, going back to the computer only to sync or when faced with something beyond the iPhone’s reach… the iPhone has proven that it can meet my requirements as a notebook replacement for day or weekend trips,” Hutsko reports. “As the week progressed, my understanding and appreciation of that reach grew every day.”

“Can I type as quickly on it as I can on my MacBook or any real keyboard? No. As fast as on my Treo 680? Yes. Faster, actually. And comfortably enough that I can imagine getting real editing work done once there’s a Word-compatible editor for the iPhone,” Hutsko reports. “And not just editing, but real writing too, as demonstrated by this story — the first draft of which was written entirely on the iPhone.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “tuskenjedi” for the heads up.]


  1. I too agree (surprisingly) that the iPhone is positioned to be a realistic weekend laptop-replacement.

    It is the perfect “communicator” device – digital photos, music, video, email, SMS, voice, Web.

  2. What, no Mini FCP. Who needs a macbook then. Give me a 80gig iphone and a DV 4 pin fire wire to the 30 pin iPod jack and I can capture and minor edit projects.

    Writing is great for writers. Give us FCP editors some luv!

  3. Don’t think many of us on MDN ever thought it wasn’t going to be just this amalgamating device.

    Thank you to the Apple team for rewarding our trust!

    (Worth saying that it’s been 17 years since Microsoft did anything to earn my trust).

  4. Read the whole article including his wish list and this guy nailed it. His wish list is the first true list of things that are missing from the iPhone. The best part about the article is that he realized the iPhone’s limitations and made a list without sounding like an asshole. Bravo.

  5. With the onslaught of critical articles panning the iPhone before it was released, I don’t think I have yet to read one negative article now that it is being used by real people. I think it’s really a testament to just how good the device is and that Apple can create stratospheric hype for a device and deliver. Incredible.

  6. This is exactly what I’m planning to use my iPhone for, when it arrives in UK. Writing my magazine stuff on the train and in the bus! At least in the rough draft.
    Hopefully they will implement the horizontal keyboard in the Notes application.
    Alex Mac, Manchester

  7. It will be nice if (and when) I can use an iPhone as a digital wallet and load images directly from my camera for easy review and to clear off the CF card. When the iPhone gets some real storage (I’m sure 32+ GB isn’t that far off) then it will be a great offline storage area for photo projects and a far better way to review images than the internal LCD on my camera.
    AND ANOTER THING – Canon and Nikon need to get on this – Camera LCDs need Multi-Touch. Why? Because in the last couple of weeks I have tried on numerous occasions to flip through and zoom into images on my cameras, iPhone-like, out of sheer habit. My thumb just wants to hit the LCD. This will be a MAJOR productivity boost for photographers in that we will be able to zoom in 1:1 with a double-tap to check critical focus without clicking the Zoom+ button 5-8 times.
    So, I’m writing to, Canon… give me an updated 5D with a multi-touch LCD!!!


  8. ChrissyOne:

    I have the iPod photo dock that Apple sold for a while that I use with my 5G iPod which allows you do directly download pictures from your camera to your iPod. Basically, it’s a small iPod dock to USB converter. I have yet to see if it works with the iPhone. For obvious reasons, I doubt it does. I’ll try it out one of these days.

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